Too Eazy (T.S.S.P) / Press

“Shout out from New Mexico! Dope music homie.. real unique sound. Keep doing your thing”


“Hey man! you know I would if I had a chance! But I can't but I would if I could kick it see th side show speak the realist lyrics/ You feel It like hear it like painted porcelain pictures dipicting a masterpiece/ Not just the average heat it's a definate strategy Too Eazy and MTG are proud to keep/”

Vic Tor E

“hi your songs are superb great awsome love to listen <3...all the best keep on rocking god bless you”


“everybody check out these up and comers :) "how we do" and "side show" are the hottest new additions but theres a grip of good music on here!! thank you!! Evan Phillips and Tony Izett”

Cami Pierce

“u should send me some cd's so I can listen in the car I'm listening to u and ur boys now sounds goooood Keep the good work up!”

Stacy Stinson

“Damn love the new shit thos beats are knocking ur sites cool i can now download to my mobile lolz im loving it keep climing to the top cuz you killen them haters!”

Niqua Herrera

“You deserve the number 1 spot. you do so well and you have all my support from france!”

Claire-So HOo

“i mean they all good..so i really dont know..”


“How do you make such great music?....oh wait! Your Too Eazy hottest in tha GJC! Yeeee”


“dam dog your music is bad im from grand junktown. i founded out by my ant mea u know here keep going u make it i know this is not a question but i can make it one. u just brout this town a new name”


“Too Eazy Kept His Number 1 Spot For 2 1/2 Years... Thats All I Gotta Say!”


“I know alot of people post up music and its like really??? come on that aint music if you havin fun or not lol but i gaurentee Every Person That Jams My Music Will Find Something They Like Straight Up!”

Too Eazy

“ keep up the good work and like I said before font forget me when you get all famous and shit! ”

Sammi Nelson

“I say thanks to you if it wasn't for ORCHARD MESA GRAND JUNKTOWN 970 COLORADO I would have never been what Iam today. I woulnt have the motivation Instead I have the power to respect real dedication ”

Vic Tor E