“Netherlands??? I would never guessed...First time I've heard music from your country ...very good and a soul brother in the group...pretty cool!!”

Harris Cyril & ARACELI REYNA , US, Houston, TX,Singer Songwriter - Harris Cyril & ARACELI REYNA , US, Houston, TX,Singer Songwriter

“Great blend of styles! Love it! Zappa maybe?”

Steve Joz - Steve Joz

“absolutely awesome, original & incredibly high energy & distinctive mix of Rock & Rap geners, there's real ambition, optimism & cool hedonstic party vibes that shines through in Ur lyrics & melodies, & fierce driving guitars, beats & hard Rock instrumentals! U remind me a lot of the Beastie Boys! :) I espesh enjoyed "Don't Stop Dreaming" & "Time of Your Life!"”

Jamie Connolly, reverbnation - Jamie Connolly

"Don't Stop Dreaming" old skool rock and rap style. Innovation, awesome vocals, songwriting and cool band is clearly a stand out!

Chuck Brunicardi, Reverbnation - Chuck Brunicardi

"Don't Stop Dreaming" rocks my soul. I love it. Keep rocking.

Robert Watson - Robert Watson

“Great music, TOO DIFFERENT!:))) Stay unique as you are and sincere in what you do! Cheers!:))) \m/”

“We can't wait to hear the mastered tracks! You guys deserve to do well.”

Travis daki - Travis daki

“Don't Stop Dreaming - sensible advice indeed! Too Different, you rock! Great vocals, very good writing!”

Harry V -songwriter - Harry V

“don't stop dreaming and something more zijn echt me favorieten.....!!!! luister nog steeds elke dag naar jullie!”

“You write what you believe love it God bless”

Gene Paradis ,Fairfield, ME

"Something More" is a masterpiece, processing of vocals is amazing, some difficult keys to follow - was spot on ! This shows you guys are at your best ! Myles

Myles Marriott ,Christchurch, NZ, Electronica / Soundtrack / Cinematic

“FANTASTIC MUSIC!!! WE ARE IN AWE IN RICHMOND VA!!! and lovin on you guys!”

Route 64, Richmond, VA

“great stuff!!”

Grayd on iTunes , Wapakoneta, OH

“Rap and Rock it's a good Style ! ! ! Great sound too”

The Black Widow , Lille, FR,


Infected white Boyz ,Inglewood, CA,

“too different is one amazing band. Time of your life is such an amazing song. Their sound is so incredible. They are truly gifted artist's.”

Sharon Andersen , Las Vegas, NVCountry / Folk

“Great Work”


“absolutely love this unique duo - thanks for posting ur music up for the world!!”

Elena Charis Rank, Lakewood, CA, Singer Songwriter / hip-hop / DubStep


Johnnyx & the Voodoo Wild, Los Angeles, CA

"Destined To Rock", and "Don't Stop Dreaming". As always, you Guys Deliver.

Robert Mitchell-GORGON North York,

“Time of Your Life is a MONSTER of a Rock song!!!”

Sur Rod , Nashville, TN

“Love your music! It's awesome! Gotta bring you to Kansas City for this event! :)I'm definitely a fan for life! (awesome video too)”

Ricci Perkins, Atlanta, GA

“Great music and energy ! Enjoyed them all !”

Bruce Graml, Erlanger, KY

“Great sound guys. Time Of You're Life is cool. I enjoyed listening”

Liquid Universe, Gympie, QLD, AU

“Diggin' "Good Time" - awesome sound!”

P.M.P. (Paul' s Music Project), Bensberg, NW, DE


jonoznick, bracknell, UK

“Awesome Music Definitly a Rising Star”

Edie Simmons, Crestview, FL

“Great stuff! Fun, Rockin', melodic and catchy. Good groove guys!”

Stars Above The Ocean, Yucca Valley, CA

“Your music brings Good Time(s) to us. Keep on rockin'”

Kojak Connection, Bergisch Gladbach, NW, DE

“Rockin tunes guys.Destined To Rock.Kicks Ass.”

Bloodtown Chronicals , Derby, KS

“I rarely listen to your genre...but you're exceptional. You're actually great! Thanks and I'll be listening :-)”

Delaney Simpson San Francisco, CA - Delaney Simpson, San Francisco, CA

“Hey guys we have been swept of our thrones after 2 years. you guys deserve it. love ur music man :) ”

reverbnation.com/jasetheband - Jase , Den Haag, NL

“Eric & Mike..your music is great (and totally addictive :-) "Destined To Rock" ?...you already do...big time!”

reverbnation.com/delaneysimpson - Delaney Simpson , San Francisco, CA

“awesome fusion of styles and genres guys..wicked tight riffs rockin along beside some relentless, upfront rhymin.."destined to rock" is a stunna! Tight, catchy and shiny as gold!!”

reverbnation.com/mikewhitepresents - MikeWhitePresents , London, UK

“brilliantly put together, great music”

reverbnation.com/blurrdvision - BlurrdVision, Crewe, UK


reverbnation.com/archiebellz - Archie Bellz , Seattle, WA

“Excellent music!”

.reverbnation.com/stoneria - Stoneria , Sao Paulo, BR

“'Destined to Rock' sounds great!”

reverbnation.com/lauriemiller - Laurie Miller , Seattle, WA

“cool blending of styles!!”

reverbnation.com/thadeusproject - Thadeus Project, Chicago, IL

“Too Different....YOU ROCK!!! Cool tracks.”

reverbnation.com/thefores1 - The Fores , Leicester, UK

“WE RECOMMEND YOU HIGHLY and we are not even high!!! TIEKEN loves you to death! Keep up the killer jams!”

reverbnation.com/tieken - TIEKEN, Ursa, IL

"Good Time" is rocking our weekend & wee are loving you Too Different!!!

reverbnation.com/ecologyngle - Ecologyngle , Pompano Beach, FL

“Too different ... no - just different enough ... listening to destined to rock - fabulous sound guys .... Great stuff ”

reverbnation.com/stirlingmusic - Stirling , Melbourne, VIC, AU

“Great sound and feel to your music. Rock On”

reverbnation.com/octoberdawn, Power Rock with a Edge. - October Dawn, From Wallingford CT

"Destined to Rock" is destined for huge success and so are you!!! Rockin' Super Kool with an Awesome sound!!!!

reverbnation.com/destinationdawn, Central Florida, FL - DestinationDawn , reverbnation

“Unique mix of styles, very well played. Great stuff!”

reverbnation.com/dolayton, Newport, UK - David Layton - Guitarist, Reverbnation

"Destined to Rock" has got it going on for a fantastic weekend! Thanks for this

reverbnation.com/ecologyngle, Pompano Beach, FL - Reverbnation

“I recommend your music to everyone, great neverending sensations---------------great music----great music_______GREAT MUSIC”

DJ Antonio, Valencia, ES - reverbnation.com/djantonioheble

“Excellent combo! You guys rock!”

Reverbnation - reverbnation.com/thetimebomb

“hell yeah /m/ \m\ good tunes ...great vocals too!”

reverbnation.com/clintsmith - Reverbnation