Tony Grinder / Press

“If I had to come up with a quote to describe frontman Tony Grinder, it would go something like this: “When drive meets the driven.” Musician and car racer, not to mention outside-of-the-box thinker, Grinder takes his music on the fast lane, merging his two worlds into one to deliver a unique experience for the masses.”

Rock N' Write - sugarbuzz Magazine

“Tony Grinder: Activist, and revolutionist is mobilizing the masses thru music in hope of a new revolution of free thinkers. Using his musical message for a revolution of public awareness. In this era of advancing discontent, this frontman is inspiring a like-minded public to make their voices be heard.”

pressbox UK

““Tony Grinder has a serious point to make about the world we live in, and the band's overwhelming approach may be an attempt to break through the noise of a society asleep at the wheel of history."”