Tony Edwards Band / Press

" Absolutely great album,[it] does have to be played LOUD!...boy can he play the guitar!”

Bob Stewart - KLFM review

““This polished debut set, recorded with no samples and no tricks, is thoroughly enjoyable””

Trevor Heaton - Eastern Daily Press

"...a very solid groove that should keep the headbangers happy. Tony's voice is ideal for this sort of powerful blues rock with enough huskiness to suggest a suitably dissolute lifestyle while maintaining a full tone & good intonation."

Kit Packham - Blues in Britain

““If you like your blues to have a heavier element then give this a listen”.”

Guitar Techniques

““The ten tracks on "Notebook" are terrifically played; the production is clean and straightforward allowing both the lyrics to stand out and also the individual playing skills.... Fine Rocking Blues...””

Graeme Scott - Blues Matters

““....really strong songs.."”

Sue Marchant - BBC Radio 'Big Night In'

““Tight [and] uncluttered...remains in the mind long after the final chord" Notebook review - 2010”

Rick Meek - Blue Suede News