Tony Benn / Press

“Song of the week Clare fm”

Clare fm

“Tony Benn’s eponymous release does just this . This is a folk record in the truest sense of the words. There is no massive production for song writing frailties to hide behind or marketing to gloss over the cracks in the back story and it’s refreshing.”

Americana UK

“‘If We Make it Through the Winter’, a lo-fi highlight, a song that opens like a flower; with its plaintive tone and simple storytelling ”

Americana UK

“Beautiful sombre songs”

altcountry forum nl

“Tony plays alt folk in the vein of Damien Rice and death in June surprising and beautiful"”

Freds Music nl

“Tony’s voice evoking a steady but sad, contemplative quality that draws comparisons to Damien Rice or John Martyn he let’s it soar to devastating and beautiful effect.an album as perfectly suited for cloudy Sunday listening "”

The Scope Magazine,Canada