“One of my favorite recent shows featured Tony Barca His debut CD, MAKANA, has also been reviewed in this publication. Another seasoned veteran, Barca's on-air performance featured a lengthy interview segment as well as a starkly beautiful rendition of "Already Over You," the track I humbly pick as his first hit. As much as I personally enjoyed hearing the song live, it was perhaps more rewarding to experience the energy of an artist talking about his music with the certain knowledge that he's presenting his best foot forward, backed by more than three decades of preparation. Like so many of the Island's best original artists Barca shatters the industry assumption (and a very stupid one, I might add) that musical creativity and commercial viability ebbs after age 30. He's got the songs, the musical ability, and a team of crack players to round his music out. Add to this professional outlook and approach, and I'd put my money on the upward direction that Barca's career is headed for. ”

“Boasting a heavy-hitting roster of session players, singer/songwriter/guitarist Tony Barca puts his best thirteen feet forward with this collection. His list of influences includes Eric Clapton, Lowell George, Bonnie Raitt, John Hiatt and Jackson Browne; sure enough, one can hear traces of each within this disc. Vocally, Barca resembles none other than Slowhand; if you like Clapton's singing, you're gonna really dig this. Running the gamut from brass-filled, bluesy rockers to acoustic-based ballads, Barca displays a versatile songwriting talent along with the ability to put 'em across in a no-bullshit, in-your-face kind of way.”

“Tony Barca isn't a kid and he's not fooling around. I don't think, after all, that you invite dudes like The Uptown Horns onto your album if you're not out to make a serious album. The rest of the support players are all well- schooled too, that'll be obvious in a hurry. Barca has put together 13 tracks that seem to be his bid for status as our regional Jimmy Buffett. Tracks like "The Way That We Dance" seem like they'd please both parrotheads and doo-woppers, while the opening "Fatherhood" is Closer to a traditional blues groove. "My Baby’s Gone Hollywood" goes yet another direction, a swinger that will remind many of the groove we came to love with "Take Me To The River" whether it was Al Green or the Talking Heads that you leaned to. Barca is a solid, if understated singer, but he knows how to write and arrange well-textured and layered songs with the best of them. Makana has a big sound and outstanding recording values to go with the sophisticated grooves.”