Ton-Taun / Press

“Exporter marks the sound of a band that feels confident enough in it’s own abilities to reach outside of it’s comfort zone for inspiration. Share this Article: ”

“The inconsistency of styles between songs somehow seems to work for Ton-Tuan. It’s probably just a few young musicians creating the music that they have the most fun playing, yet somehow it works and flows like the chapters of a story book, each song a chapter written different than one before; a piece that tells a tale on its own yet when placed in the proper sequence tells the theme of an overall story. This is the story of a young band called Ton-Taun that are creating artful music for themselves, and doing it their own way without compromise. 4.5/5 stars”

“(...) one listen to Circus Court or Exporter reveals (that Ton-Taun's) influences are diverse and their sound is expansive. They don't deserve to be labeled as a band that sounds like someone else.”

“To say (Ton-Taun's) music is different from the commercial offerings heard today is an understatement. These four talented individuals have taken their expressionism and creativity to a totally different level not heard everyday. I would say that if you want to hear something that is not standard commercial bull, give these guys a LISTEN! You will not be disappointed!”

"Young in terms of their years as a complete band but also experienced with two complete, original albums already under their belts, Ton-Taun has the potential to speak to a generation obsessed with consumerism, debauchery and the longing for a place in the world."

"... the scene was no longer divided between talented performers and eager fans, but the whole club morphed into a place where each person was there simply to enjoy the music. Ton-Taun and [their fans] in the front formed one singular entity living purely to enjoy this time spent together as a community."

Paul Sherban - Forth Estate