Tonos Triad / Press

“These three dress like the Blues Brothers and banter like the Marx Brothers, yet compose like unabashed, celestial angels.”

“After intrigue dissipates, you begin to discover that these people can really play each and every instrument as accomplished musicians with a breath of stylistic diversity rarely seen in a band. From sea shanty to gypsy jazz, waltz rhythm to tango, there is no boundary this band is tied to. ”

Andrew Duncan - Zaptown Magazine

“They're half joking when they call the music "jazzpop/Eurofolk," but that's about as close as you'll get to a manageable description. Otherwise, you'd end up with something like "acoustic instrumental Latino-Celtic minimalist Gypsy funk-jazz," which is an unwieldy tag for such a sleek sound. -Simultaneously groovy and cerebral, the music can appeal to different audiences on multiple levels. And the band's small footprint and moderate volume are suited to unconventional spaces. If necessary, they can skip electronic amplification altogether. As a result, Tonos Triad has built its reputation at an unlikely series of venues, from punk-rock bars to art museums, from libraries to underground happenings to upscale weddings and parties. ”