Tom Solis / Press

“Tom Solis is a bright and shiny young star who delights us with his musical charm and mysterious way of creating a mood through his music that leaves nothing but a smile on your face. Reagan Elizabeth The Art of living Production and Design”

Reagan Elizabeth - Fan Reach

“ Love your original songs and playing wish I lived closer to enjoy more often. Judith Burns”

Judith Burns - Fan Reach

“Tom, Thanks for another great show last Friday night at the Back Bay Bistro! You always rock it. I know you’ve probably got way cooler places to be and a better crowd to entertain, but we always appreciate your jams. As members and old school locals to the Dunes in the Back Bay, our family always enjoys hitting the Bistro, but now we plan our outings there around your schedule. I hope that our tips (specifically from my father in-law Butch) and cheering screams from my wife Celena encourage you to keep playing there…because as we see it you’re on to way bigger and better gigs. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing you jam again soon. Please continue sending the automated notifications with regards to where you’re playing. If we’re around, we’re always down to catch you anywhere in south county. Cheers, Ryan C. Javanbakht”

Ryan - Fan Reach

“Tom, Keep up the good job playing. We really enjoy your music. It is very relaxing after a hard days work. Your interaction with the audience is great and it makes it personable. We like that. It shows you care about your music and your fans. That’s great you keep us posted on where you are playing. See you and hear you soon!! Dana and Jim B. From, Orange, Ca.”

Dana - Fan Reach

“Tom Solis' music has style and sound of his own that captures you. Love listing to Tom. Tom is a wonderful up-coming inspired musician who we all love. His music is great.”

Launa Smith - Fan Reach

“Tom is a star in the making. Why? Because he is an EXCELLENT musician in every sense of the word. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will disagree after you experience his genius. The more you appreciate great music, the more you will appreciate Tom Solis. He is the REAL DEAL!!! Last, thing...Tom Solis is one if those rare musicians that is as good live as on record and the guy can cover anybody spot on. I confidently recommend Tom for any function or event regardless of size or scale.”

Eric - Fan Reach