Tom Sissons / Press

"Proper sick, mate."

Tinchy Stryder - Tinchy Stryder on Tommy Sissons


Ozzie B of More Fire Crew - Ozzie B of More Fire Crew on Tommy Sissons

“Your quite deep and poetic. A better version to Mike Skinner (The Streets).”

No. Lay - No. Lay on Tommy Sissons

"Salute! True Art!" "I haven't heard anything like that" "Genius combination of genres" "The intensity of Ian Curtis with the humour of Marshall Mathers"

“Shivery samples and a neat line in dark tripped out wordplay. I like.”

Jarrod - I Monster on Paradise In A Padded Cell

“EMC Junkie has showed the 'with' talent and a grind mentality that shows he can go very far in this game. He is killing the game in the UK and is connecting with hip-hop artist in the US! With hot beats and lyrics that are completly changing the game, EMC is the next big thing.”

Shah (CEO of Top Of The Map Entertainment) - Shah on EMC Junkie's Early Recordings Exclusive Demo 'Paradise In A Padded Cell'

“The event was kicked started by EMC Junkie and Ro Ocean who performed a haunting cover of All About Eve’s ‘Martha’s Harbour’. Rapper EMC Junkie performed his own composition ‘Wonderland'.”