Tom O'Connor / Press

“O’Connor has enough hooks for commercial radio but lyrically maintains the depth and poignancy of a great singer/songwriter”

VC Reporter

“Tom O’Connor is a singer-songwriter from Washington DC. “Heart, Body & Soul” is his second album release, and it’s a stripped back affair, with just guitar and vocals, though thanks to a warm production, it’s far from lo-fi. Scott Harlan co-produces (with O’Connor) and he certainly gets the best out of a collection of songs, which are sung with genuine feeling, whilst managing to stay on the right side of sentimentality. “History” is a gem of an opening track, with its tumbledown lyrical style and the title track is equally striking. Reviewers have been comparing him to everyone from Ben Harper to latter-day Eric Clapton. I think his voice and songs are good enough for that sort of comparison.”

“Tom O’Connor is a 28-year old singer-songwriter from New York who has now released two CDs. On his newest album, ‘Heart Body & Soul’, the sympathetic singer goes back to his roots, accompanying himself with only an acoustic guitar and piano. This album is minimalist, it sounds so compassionate and sensitive that I am sometimes at a loss of words. Heart, Body & Soul is a personal and intimate CD in the folk and pop genres. The listener will swoon away with Tom’s guitar playing, expressions of sweetness, and straight from the heart love songs. The talented singer sings some slow, beautiful and touching songs (When You Get Home and Without Even Tryin’). But luckily the songs can get quite diverse and Tom sings his heart out when he sings Heart, Body & Soul and You’re Gone. It is just very difficult to find weak points, because they are simply not there. Heart, Body & Soul is a melodic and sincere album from a singer with a warm and soulful voice. ”

“Posing with an acoustic guitar and an earnest look on the cover of his new record, “Heart, Body & Soul,” O’Connor has more than slick record packaging going for him. Love songs abound on this record, and O’Connor’s supple voice, crystalline guitar strumming and occasional piano playing make most of them winners. The upbeat song “History” – an ode to a new girlfriend with a history of bad relationship choices – is a nice showcase for O’Connor’s clear, compelling voice. “Gets Away” is a more somber musical journey that laments his loss of a love: “I can’t seem to get things right in love and relationships in my life,” O’Connor croons. O’Connor’s writing is solid if sometimes a bit overwrought. A little more bite might do O’Connor’s music some good, but this is a strong disc full of well-crafted songs, nonetheless.”