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““McMurtry gone all nutty, ex-punk-rocker Womack explodes the country/folk singer template with a mix of the funny, blunt and sardonic tunes. A 21st-Century "Lost Highway" here — emotional, financial, sexual desperation awaiting around every corner.””

“Everytime I listen to Tommy's new one, I like another song best.”

"Reflective without wallowing in might-have-beens, his nasal drawl weary and at ease with itself, he's an established failure who's calmed down considerably for a pimple on Dylan's ass who believes the best thing about ADD is that it never bothers you too long."

"'It Doesn't Have to Be That Good' - Tommy Womack: Nashville pop-rock sage learns to accept his lot: 'No matter what your life is like, it beats the pants off death.'"

~ Brian Mansfield - USA Today "Playlist"

"Displaying a disarming optimism amidst the introspective double-clutching and romantic daydreams than previously, Now What! offers up more of what Tommy Womack does best - working class blues from the street-view seats of the restless American dream."

~ Blurt

"[Womack] writes better 'regular guy' lyrics than just about anyone I can think of besides Hank Williams."

~ Sean Westergaard, AllMusic.com

"Womack mixes country, blues, and rock like a fast-fingered bartender on his new album, 'Now What!'”

~ The New Yorker

"...he plows right through the familiar guardrails of rock ’n’ roll ego and ~ The Nashville Scene country sentimentality without looking back. In his hands, mundane failure becomes MAGNETIC, and OFTEN VERY FUNNY."

~ The Nashville Scene, Critic's Pick

"'Now What!' isn’t just about the acceptance. Womack reflects upon a lifetime of missteps and indiscretions on the demented rap, '90 Miles an Hour Down a Dead-End Street' or missed chances and wasted years in songs like the whimsical and yet poignant 'Pothead Blues.'”

"...This is rock ‘n’ roll, or Americana, or whatever you want to call it, that’s AS PURE AND HONEST AS IT GETS."

~ American Songwriter

"...To paraphrase Baba Ram Dass, only that in you which is Tommy Womack can hear what Tommy Womack is saying.”

~ Third Coast Magazine

““What’s most impressive is the way he relates his particular world and worldview yet winds up with songs that ring with universality.””

~ The Tennessean

"On his last album, 2007's ultimately uplifting 'There, I Said It!', Tommy Womack addressed his nervous breakdown, growing sense of mortality, and jaded rock-and-roll dreams with unsparing honesty and plenty of wit. The Nashville-based singer and songwriter, who has since passed 50, brings those same qualities to 'Now What!'."

~ The Philadelphia Inquirer

““Like it's predecessor, it's UNFLINCHINGLY HONEST and CONSISTENTLY FUNNY -- Womack takes very little 100 percent seriously, and that's a good thing....He's a strongly embraced cult artist for a reason. You can hear it on NOW WHAT!””

~ Lincoln Journal Star

“NEW album "Now What!" Available Now!”


"Despite some wonderful performances by RODNEY CROWELL and MARY GAUTHIER, for me, the HIGHLIGHT of the 2011 (30A Songwriter) festival was hearing (Tommy) WOMACK SING 'Alpha Male and the Canine Mystery Blood,' a standout EPIC TRACK from 2007's 'There, I Said it!'"

"Tommy Womack is one of the geniuses of Nashville."

Jason Ringenberg

"Think Spalding Gray if he’d grown up in Kentucky with a guitar and a vinyl copy of Black and Blue."

The VIllage Voice (and in syndication)

"Like Warren Zevon's post-rehab masterpiece 'Sentimental Hygiene','There, I Said It!' finds Womack reflecting on his predicament with his sense of humor intact and, for the most part, glad to be alive."

"'There, I Said It!'...proves, again, that Womack is a clever and discerning songwriter as well as a punk/country arena-rock smartass with a swelling heart of gold."

No Depression Magazine (May/June 2007)

"Tommy Womack's talent makes me shout out loud."

Marshall Chapman

“FANS OF ANYONE FROM DYLAN TO WILCO will find plenty to like about DADDY. ”

News4U - CD Reviews - People Who See Sound

“There isn't a punted track in sight on For a Second Time, and every successive spin reveals YET ANOTHER REASON TO LOVE YOUR DADDY.”

CityBeat - Cincinnati, OH