Tommy G from the 509 / Press

“I checked out your tunes. Awesome, truly awesome. Great Vocals, Great guitar playing. What's The Fuss About is a great tune, as are all the rest. You're going places man. Just a matter of time.”

“The song is awesome, hilarious, and so so so true. Great music my man.”

“Absolutely Awesome!! Tommy is an truly an amazing artist!!! I know you all will like his music as much as I do!! Truly Righteous!! Thank You Tommy, Keep puttin' it down!!!!”

“Hi Tommy, I've checked out a few of your songs and I must say you have done a great job. Catchy tune and great lyrics. And thank you for recommending your song, "What's The Fuss About?". You did an awesome job on putting a humorous touch on an important message.”

“Loved it, brother... that line about eating, fucking, falling asleep and driving the truck 10 miles under the speed limit is classic! I became a fan immediately!”

“Damn Bro...Good shit. You are a really great musician, great cadence, lyrics and composition. Great song! I can jam to this music anytime. I'm gonna post to all my friends. Thanks for the music and keep it up brother! ”

“Your music reminds me of Sunday morning.”

“I just had the rare privilege of seeing Tommy G perform inside my shop! Nice set man, I dug it!”

“I heard Tommy on the radio yesterday. Then I posted a thank you to the River's Facebook page for playing him. He's so awesome.”

“Tom, love your gift of music! Your message, spirit and creativity is real core and full of life! Your new one hits it right between the eyes! LMAO! How did we survive the Reagan years... I think I know your answer:) Glad to hear that Spokane enables you to produce your rich lyrics and music...”

“Your music is awesome Tommy G!”

“Just Like That - Nice tune. I had no idea you had this talent. I hope you do well with your solo album. The album is awesome. Keep Jammin...........;-)”

“YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS GUY! His lyrics are inspired and clever, his melodies are fresh and catchy, he's just downright fun to listen to!”

“I love your new song Tommy!! I am still laughing, and I can't wait to share it with my friends. Fantastic.”

“Tommy G, you ROCK IT,...I am listening to your entire playlist right now!,...Love your lyrics and I LOVE the beat. Thank you so much! ”

“Tommy!!! I DIG YOUR MUSIC BROTHER!!!! Right On! Keep doing what you do. ONE LOVE....Peace”

“Great song, "What's the Fuss About?"....I highly recommend it, very funny!”

“Hi Tommy! That was excellent! I really liked your lyrics! Great job!”

“WOW!!! I love it! Thanks Tommy, You're music is pure magic. ”

“You are a most excellent artist. I love your songs and you have a really cool voice...”

“Tommy I think it's great, love it!”

“Love it, killer tune dude.....”

“GREAT SONG, I love it!”

“Love 'What's The Fuss About?' :D such a good song and so true as well!”

“I adore this title! I'm deaf so haven't heard the song, but never mind, I'm in it! My husband, who is only 62, is in constant pain and unable to procure medical marijuana in this state. But the truth about marijuana is exactly as you say!! ... I like you Tommy G! ”

“YES! love, Love, LOVED the song! rock on :) ”