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“5.0 out of 5 stars Open the Skylights, Tom Houston, 16 May 2013 By happy customer - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?) This review is from: Open The Skylights (Audio CD) Open the Skylights Tom Houston So, many will have yet to acquaint themselves with the delightful laid back wonder of Scotland's very own Tom Houston. A seasoned performer, multi-talented musician and singer/songwriter who is well known within the scene, his music is laid back while tugging on the heart strings gently. Sometimes trying to remind those who find themselves further apart from their dreams to rediscover them. Sort of a bit along the same lines as Don Gallardo in the lean toward the melodic blues n' folk end of the Americana genre but home grown, with references to lochs instead of lakes. Although, having previously lived and formed bands in the USA, Tom is familiar with the Americana influence in the country where the genre was first identified. Open the Skylights was produced b”

“OPEN THE SKYLIGHTS is on sale now at Amazon and itunes.”


“Tom, it is very good. I hear what I suspect are influences of one or two other, more famous singers, not better just more famous. Buggered if I remember who they are, but I will. There is definitely, to my mind anyway, a bit of that guy who wrote and sung bird on the wire, Cohen. Slight touch on Rab Noakes, just a wee bit. There is definately someone else in there. It is really good. I have listened three times and it is now on my itunes. I really enjoyed it. Well done you. A talent. ian=”

Ian - I sold a copy from the back of my car

“BIG congratulations on the ‘Open the Skylights’ album, Tom. It’s a very fine set of songs, which I enjoyed listening to a great deal. A mix of lovely melodies and haunting tunes throughout. And those sharp, dark lyrics of yours cutting through all of them. Overall, a fabulous job done. Hope you’re proud of it. You should be”

graham denton - e mail from graham

“I thought that the CD was very good. Clever and mature lyrics with subtle but catchy tunes and appealing vocals.”

Cameron Macphail - CMP Holdings

“http://tomhoustonmusic.bandcamp.com/ Open the Skylights is available at Bandcamp. A five skylight CD”

“Look out for Wanderlust by davesnewbike : due out in May 2015”