Tom Gillam / Press

“Tom serves up a tasty brew of Americana country-rock that's anchored in classic 70s era southern/country rock influences”

Take Country Back

“What might set this artist apart from the pack, however, is his songcraft -- most noticeable on the title track, which has just the right balance of guitar crunch, winning melody, and manly anguish, It's wise to file this under highly likable"”

Erik Hage - All Music Guide

"Soulful country rock, strong harmonies, ringing slide guitar.

Michael Meehan. - Freight Train Boogie

“Cranked out by a flawless five piece band, the tunes on this album are strong examples of Americana at its best. Gillam’s voice is surprisingly spry and versatile”

Brad - Galleywinter

"If you need comparisons, think So-Cal Country Rock of the early-70s, a la The Eagles, but that doesnt mean it sounds dated. Its quite the opposite, as this is one of the freshest sounding releases to hit this year.

Jack Barton Sr. Director/Triple A - FMQB Friday Morning Quarterback

"Gillams sound will give the listener a good idea of how fun he and his band can be live. This is good-time music, while still giving a nod to concern

Matt Merts - Twangcast

"Often it seems the best practioners of roots-rock are those who tread a line between solid songcraft and punkish abandon. By that measure, Tom Gillam ranks high indeed" " Gillam sounds like a man reveling in the knowledge that he's hitting his stride as an artist.

Russell Hall - No Depression Magazine