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“Tom is a London based singer/songwriter who has played many Akira nights of late. He’s a bit raw, unpolished, and rough round the edges but we think that this talented singer songwriter is on the edge of something brilliant. Different artists stand out for different reasons and, for us, Tom’s voice sets him apart from the norm. The lyrics and mostly piano based melodies are never unpleasant but its his soothing, often soulful vocals that have been exciting crowds in the UK and US. If you were lucky enough to catch him at the recent Akira night at Proud then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Tom has promised to deliver an EP late 2011 but with a conflict of upbeat, outright pop against melancholy blues it’s hard to say what the EP will sound like. One thing is certain though, if it captures the kind of sound that Tom has given us at recent Akira nights then it’ll be well worth a listen.”

"There's a bit of Damien Rice in his breathy voice, tender melodies and sensitive songs, as well."

“...One last thing this week. For a minute, forget the X Factor or Britain's/America's Got Talent and the endless people singing cover song after cover song and have a look and listen to Tom Fox Davies, a truly exceptional singer and songwriter. I have been following him for the last few years, just through the internet, and have now been to a few of his gigs and shows - and he certainly doesn't disappoint live. I hope he is given the opportunity soon that he truly deserves.”

"Tom Fox-Davies is as yet an unearthed gem. His music conjures up endless hints of legendary contemparies. At a very tender age and with the ink still wet on his musical date of birth certificate he has mastered the craft of creating what aims to be an armory of future classics. Currently working on his debut album look out for him all over the place in 2010" – Dubai Sound City

Dubai Sound City - Dubai Sound City Program 2009

“Anti war song Jake by Tom Fox-Davies is without doubt one of the future classics of our generation.”

Total Guitar Magazine