Tombs / Press

“It's very rare that a band can be so profound and prolific at the same time…Winter Hours successfully surpasses the high watermark of their introduction and obliterates the conception of the sophomore jinx.”


“A dark and impressive achievement.”

Metal Hammer

“a captivating jet-roar of smoked-out sludge and impactful metallic hardcore.”


“Winter Hours is a monstrous crash landing of an album, its energy attuned and acute, possessing a grievous sludge dimension in which songs are not much played as attached and bloodied riffs are strewn indiscriminately like torn body parts…a debut of great distinction.”


“Theirs is a sound you can get totally lost in.”


“among the best of an impressive cadre of heavy bands emerging now.”

Philadelphia Weekly

“Winter Hours absolutely crushes…As good as this album is, though, it’s a safe bet that Hill and his band are only just getting started.”


“The Brooklyn trio blends New York hardcore intensity with blackened atmospherics and extended shoegaze textures.”


“These guys undoubtedly have a great solid vision behind their raw metal, hardcore, and doom and Relapse seems like the perfect home for them”

“Winter Hours is definitely an early contender for record of the year”

Brooklyn Vegan