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“Winner of Akademia May 2016 Best EP Dance/Electronica for "Voices From the Fringe": 'A dark compact between pop and country powers, 'Voices From The Fringe' is arrestingly unpredictable from moment to moment; classic vocals surf bedrock bass hits and stacatto fusillades of percussion.'”

“Winner of Akademia May 2016 Best EP Country for "Redneck Ear Candy": 'Tom Arnold has a penchant for conceiving country music that's both unconventional and classic at the same time, and his new EP 'Redneck Ear Candy' is a prime example of this faculty for original expression.'”

“Your music is So fun to hear, and I Love the descriptions you mention, before playing. You are a clever writer ...Guess I appreciate artists who use their brains.”

“I heard 'Swilling the Planters with Bumbo' and liked it a lot. Email me at cynthia@wctr-radio.com”

“We've reviewed a lot of music in our time and 'I Am An Irish Writer' really caught our attention. Have you considered submitting your music to www.2015musicawards.com?”

“Oh man I got it (the CD). Thanks Tom. I’ve been listening to it for the 4th time through so far. Man, it’s great. I dig it. Everything just sounds so together and even. It’s mixed really well. Just sounds like a million bucks. You have a really great product right there. Those songs are really cool, the stories, they make me laugh when I listen to them. I swear I’ve been everyone in those songs before.. I love it. Great Job Man! Eric Tarr/Lead guitarist, Redneck Ear Candy EP”

Eric Tarr - Personal communication

“This balladeer employs country, pop, blues and rock and even raps when he’s up for it. A finalist in the 2006 Portland Songwriters Association’s “Top Ten Best Singer Songwriters,” Arnold placed second in the Artichoke Community Music’s 2007 Songwriting Contest. Arnold’s songs include “She’s Got Coke in Her Pants,” a humorous Jimmy-Buffett-like take on a woman just out of rehab trying to return to the party scene with decidedly mixed results, as well as “Never Do More Than One Stupid Thing,” a waltzing country number that counsels folks to resist the urge to up the ante when engaging in irresponsible behavior, like arguing with a judge about your rights when you’re clearly in the wrong.”

"Tom's a lot of fun. If you get a chance......go.

Bradd Swank - Link shared on Facebook

"All my songs are Tom Arnold songs in disguise."

“Tom Arnold, the High Tech Redneck.”

“We’re not sure anybody has ever performed a song linking modern day buying and selling of political office to George Washington before Arnold started singing “Swilling the Planters with Bumbo.” The humorous tune describes how the father of our country won an election to the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1758 by plying voters with rum. “They voted for him with the taste on their tongue,” Arnold sings. ”

"I love Tom's songs... they are well written with a classic heartfelt style and wonderful humor."

“I loved your stuff”

Jimmy Lee Webb, Host - Open Mike, Luckenbach, Texas

“I've been looking for someone to take things up to the next level and you just did. Thank You”

Joel Jackson, Great Hall Restaurant - Personal Communication

““You are a master of words, and I am sure you must have plenty more like that.””

Steve Gillette, songwriter - Songwriting workshop

“Hearing Tom Arnold's "I'm Like the Perfect Country Song Tonight" took me right back to the wellspring of what country music once was, and should still be. Unpretentious, dead-honest songs that reach out and tell the listener's own story for them. That's what country music ought to do, and like Hank Sr., Porter, Dolly, Merle, Loretta and others, that's what Mr. Arnold has managed to accomplish so well with this song...Putting him in very good company indeed.”

James Hurley, songwriter - Personal Communication

“Oh my goodness I loved your music. You took us all by surprise! Your music is honest, unpretentious, very funny. Not always politically correct, but truthful.”

Suzan Lundy, McLundy's - via-mail