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“Exclusive frm DMV's own TolumiDE – Throwback - 1:50:35”

“Tolumide is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and graphic artist based in Washington D.C.”

“Passadeira Vermelha #105: Exclusivos sobre os Grammy com ToluMide e Rocky Dawuni”

“Grammy Awards Postponed as Omicron Spreads | Artist ToluMide Explains the Grammys”

“International Nigerian Award Winning Artist Talks about her New Song "Throwback", African instruments in music”

“Happy New Year Groovers! We’re back from the holidays with an interview with afro soul artist TolumiDE. The MPN Network has been playing her new single “Throwback” on the radio station, so it's only right that we interviewed her.”

“The award-winning singer-songwriter TolumiDE stops by the Artist Zone to discuss her new music and other fun conversation.”

“TolumiDE Live on the Kulcha Shak on WPFW 89.3 FM, Washington DC DJ ZeeLion and Sista Kim Bey Musically Bridging The Cultural Gap between Africa and the Diaspora! https://confessor.wpfwfm.org/playlist/pl_nu_current1.php”

“TolumiDE "Mama Sunshine" interview on the Kelly Wright Show”

“WHCR 90.3FM Harlem NYC w/ Marko Nobles - rhythmandsoulradio.com WHCR 90.3FM/ rhythmandsoulradio.com NYC w/ Marko Nobles. http://tunein.com/radio/WHCR- FM-903-s29263/) http://tunein.com/radio/Rhyth mAndSoulRadiocom-s141846/)”

“TolumiDE LIVE with Interviews w/ Erika Blue @ozcatradio on KZCT FM Radio/ Vallejo-Oakland, CA”

“The award-winning singer-songwriter TolumiDE stops by the Artist Zone to discuss her new music and other fun conversation.”

“Her refreshing new release, Throwback, celebrates Ayo, which as a name translates to happiness, joy, and wealth, with a unique emphasis on the richness of moments. - Lady Diva of LetzzJazzzItUp Radio Evansville IN”

“TolumiDE drops a catchy classic R&B vibe with African percussive trimmings entitled “Throwback.” The song clearly reminisces about the simplicity of life and cherished memories of her childhood: “Take me back in time/Old School Throwback/When I had no worries/I was free as a bird.” During the chorus, TolumiDE sings in Yoruba, her native tongue of Nigeria.”

“‘Throwback’ offers plenty of musical intrigue – marrying a contemporary soul sound with a gentle take on Afro-beat and a hint of reggae in a quite intoxicating way. Lyrically, ‘Throwback’ is another song inspired by the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. She says that the message in the music is to embrace the good old days with gratitude, cherishing memories to help lighten up the current moment and the problems we’re in. TolumiDE adds that the song is inspired by a time with fewer cares.”

“inspired by a time with fewer cares, when she remembers “dancing in the sun.” Throwback celebrates “Ayo” which as a name translates to happiness, joy and wealth, with a unique emphasis on the richness of moments.”

““Throwback” is a celebratory song that remembers the good ole days for the glorious times they were for many. “I remember dancing in the sun”… Using both English and Yoruba, Tolumide introduces us to Yoruba, one of the three major Nigerian languages through song. Like all words learned while singing, you don’t even notice you’re being educated. Plus, the rhythm is so good, you’re not going to notice anything but how it makes you want to move your feet. “Throwback” is a song you can dance to, sway to, and simply relax to if you’re so inclined. It’s got a nice tone and engaging intent. You get to select how you want to react to the subtle yet moving rhythm. Most will find themselves moving involuntarily, because they cannot resist and their bodies will betray you even if you’ve sworn never to dance, snap your fingers, sway, or tap your feet before you know it you neck will be giving you away.”

“With so many challenges wrapped up in 2020, one can bring light into the present moment simply by remembering. In Afro-pop/soul singer/songwriter TolumiDE’s upcoming single, she embraces the ‘good ole days’ with gratitude, cherishing memories to help lighten up the moment. After connecting online with mates from her secondary school days in Nigeria, she was inspired by a time with fewer cares, when she remembers “dancing in the sun.” Set to release January 15, 2021, “Throwback” celebrates “ayoola,” the joy of wealth, which includes the richness of moments.”

“TolumiDE is a Nigerian Canadian who now makes her home in Washington, D.C. Her song, “Throwback” is filled with eclectic R&B rhythms oozing “Suya Soul”, her unique take on the genre. Raised in Canada, but born in Lagos, Nigeria, her family moved to Canada, where she completed college at York University in Toronto, Canada.”

“After connecting on-line with mates from her secondary faculty days in Nigeria, she was impressed by a time with fewer cares, when she remembers “dancing within the solar.” Throwback celebrates “Ayo”, which as a reputation, interprets to happiness, pleasure and wealth, with a singular emphasis on the richness of moments.”

““This year, there were a lot of moments in dialogue and zoom hangouts where I really appreciated the ‘good ole days’ of not having any major cares or worries of the world,” TolumiDE reflects. “It felt very good to have cool memories that have shaped who I am today.””

“In her return to First Listen, TolumiDE drops a catchy classic R&B vibe with African percussive trimmings entitled 'Throwback'. The song clearly recalls the simplicity of life and cherished memories of her childhood: "Take me back in time / Old School Throwback / When I No Mieders / I was free as a bird." During the chorus, TolumiDE sings in Yoruba, her mother tongue Nigeria. While waiting for a second full project, listen carefully to 'Throwback', a song that tempts us to dance and distracts us from the current madness of life.”

“In TolumiDE’s words, “I would love listeners to be happy, share their stories like photos and videos of cherished memories and possibly dance along to the song. Together, we can celebrate and give thanks for the simple things.””

““This year, there were a lot of moments in dialogue and zoom hang outs where I really appreciated the ‘good ole days’ of not having any major cares or worries of the world,””

“New Music - Fusicology playlist add”

“Tolumide - Throwback - 40 of the most current tracks played randomly during the Hot 40 Showcase shows”

“Tolumide is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and graphic artist based in Washington D.C. Her Suya Soul music performances at open mics or festivals has garnered a following. You would quickly notice fans hurrying for a quick selfie before she goes into a venue. She recently opened for french musical duo Les Nubians at the historic Howard Theatre. In this interview she talks about her beginnings and her recent album release.”

“ToluMide é uma artista nigeriana nos Estados Unidos que acaba de submeter o seu álbum Mama Sunshine aos Grammy, na categoria World Music (Música do Mundo) Em primeiro lugar, há seis semanas consecutivas está a rapper Lizzo”

“TolumiDE's smooth vocals in "Beautiful" awakens the song with a soulful energy, synthesized bass and ethnic rhythm. She expresses the heartfelt characteristics of genuine friendship and love with English lyrics and the phrase "Ore Mi" which means 'My friend" in Yoruba language. There's a sense of joy and affirmation that makes it impossible not to sing along. Drawing inspiration from her personal experience, she shares, "I wrote the song feeling really grateful for my friends."”

“Armed with her unique name that translates as “Thank God” in Yorùbá, Nigerian R&B artist TolumiDE aims to…”

“Unveiled in the EP album is a well rounded cultural experience as TolumiDE sings in English and native language Yoruba, and collaborates with major African talents – Jaja Basheghezi (Congo) and Toby Foyeh (Nigeria), who co-wrote Mama Sunshine and Ikoyi Ikeja”. Listeners journey through themes of encouragement, self-assurance, survival, nostalgia and love in an extended acoustic version of Your Arms produced with James McKinney.”

“International singer-songwriter TolumiDE is back on the music scene with a new single “Your Arms,” from her highly anticipated EP, Mama Sunshine.”

“TolumiDE won awards for her debut EP Specialty, and now she is readying her November sophomore album, Suya Soul - a phrase she coined to describe her endeavor to compliment soul music with her African heritage using bilingual lyrics and dynamic rhythms. The disc features an enticing blend of cultures and sounds, really bringing a fresh change to listeners around the world.”

“Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)” is a love song that gets listeners moving to the groove and fills us with joy. Her saccharine vocals coat the track as she serenades us about the feeling of a healthy love.”

“After watching Tolumide perform live at the NEAs I am convinced she’s one of the best vocalists/performers we have in Nigeria currently.”

“Some artists craft their musical concoction with research, and study – others play the tune that’s rolling through their heads. Our latest feature however, Mrs. TolumiDE, has gathered her influence by immersing herself in it, traveling the globe to gather the ingredients in her unique Suya Soul sound, a contemporary fusion of Soul, Indie-pop, and African music. Spending her formative years in Lagos, Nigeria, TolumiDE landed in Toronto at York University, where she got her first big break in music as part of the Reggae band, Women Ah Run Tings. After earning several nominations for the Canadian Reggae Music Awards, TolumiDE landed state-side in our backyard of the Baltimore-Washington metro area, and its here that she’s truly made her mark.”

“NEA’s R&B Female Artist of the Year”

“Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)”? It’s a Soul song with an African groove. I wrote it to express the feeling of being loved and being in love. I chose to sing part of the hook in Yoruba – my Nigerian native language. It sounded sweeter to sing “Fun Mi Layo,” which means “You give me joy” in Yoruba.”

“The song carries some sweet groove which complements the guitar melodies. TolumiDE croons her way to our heart with warm lyrics that softens any (hard) stance we may have about love.”

“International singer-songwriter TolumiDE is back on the music scene with a new single “Your Arms,” from her highly anticipated EP, Mama Sunshine.”

“The video follows this newly loved up couple as they dance their way around the island and share in happiness, ultimately culminating in a proposal. https://twitter.com/noblevybe”

“While listening to the catchy song filled with themes of growth, resilience and renewal, I felt the song was a perfect way to begin a new chapter for many of the women standing in the room.”

““Her style of music is for the global audience and appeals to the open-minded listener who enjoys soulful lyrics””

“After breaking away from the Canadian all-female reggae group, ‘Women Ah Run Tins’, TolumiDE decides to “make her connection with listeners more personal.”

“Big blend of Afro-pop, funky reggae, neo-soul and jazz prove to be an entertaining brew for urban gospel’s newcomer . . . She’s able to take the musical DNA of Taio Cruz and the ease of Oleta Adams, while injecting more of her heritage using bilingual lyrics, into a friendlier foundation of melodic pop and R&B balladry. . .”

“R&B singer Tolumide (To-lu-mee-day) duets with Ghanaian rapper D-Black on a remix of a single off Tolumide’s ‘My love‘ album- ‘More than you’ll ever know‘.. The video was directed by Antar Hanif”

“TolumiDE is most at home when she is referencing her African roots in the likes of "Ekabo" and "Because You Know" but she confidently pulls off some chart-worthy R&B in "What I'd Like To Be" that successfully marries some slick funk with honest spiritual lyrical content.”

“I felt it was the right timing for this collaboration to happen. The message of the song is also true-Relationships don’t always go right and no one is perfect, however love is the key to having a successful relationship. That’s the story we told through this song and I loved every bit of making this song and the video… – D-Black”


“a sultry love song declaring true love with the phrase “Me Do Wu” shows the challenges couples face every day. To display an appreciation for the diversity of Africa, the song is infused with Ghanian (Twi) and Nigerian (Yoruba) language.”

“More than you'll ever know (Official Lyric Video) by Tolu Mide and feature in New World Nigeria Cultural Exchange production at Stratford East Theatre, Olympics 2012 - London, UK (museke-blog.tumblr.com)”

“TolumiDE 'For Me' currently playing on Music Choice Urban AC (R&B/Soul) Radio and Peaked on the BDS Nielsen charts at #42. On the National airplay top 100 Digital Radio Tracker Charts, peak at #85 with 875+ spins and on the Top Indie Charts peakes at #32.”

“After a very competitive and public voting response to the 30 submissions hosted on the popular music and entertainment site – notjustok.com; DJ Bally emerges the winner with 30% of votes, with Screechpawa coming in on a close second with 29% of the votes”

“Her voice is gentle in tone but firm to the chord, making this black female singer a delight to listen to. Uplifting and positive her music is sure to put you in a good mood.”

“TolumiDE is also excited to announce the launch of her brand new website and new image. Styled by Project Runways Season 3 contestant Johnathan Kayne,”

“Definitely grown folk music on this tune; it has that Kem aura about it.”

“TolumiDE Releases New Single Titled ‘FOR ME’, A New Website & A Brand New Image”

Broadway Ghana - Broadway Ghana

“Soulful Afro-Pop Singer/Songwriter TolumiDE has dropped another cool single from her musical stables.”

“TolumiDE emerges with ‘For Me’, an easy listening soulful single that tells a ‘girl meets boy’ story, a dreamy expectation of a girl and her musings with lyrics that reflect the anticipation of finding that right partner with divine help”

“Her music bears the mark of lighthearted cheeriness that makes for easy listening. Her song Specialty, offers an alternative way to view talent and she plays on this theme in the song.”

“TolumiDE, Popular Gospel Artist, Drops New Single, “Specialty”, From Lauded Project, My Love”

“TolumiDE's is a rising African talent, and well respected in the Canadian music industry for her many years as a member of Canada's successful all female music group 'Woman Ah Run Tings'”

“TolumiDE Making Moves ... been singing and entertaining since primary school and decided to pursue music as a 2nd career before she graduated from university with a BFA/Graphic Design degree”

"My Love' has an Urban soul groove, catchy melody and self-enlightening theme with inspirational lyrics, easily radio ready for Urban AC, RnB & Gospel programming

“The song also hit #34 on the Media Guide Top 100 Gospel Chart.”

“...the multi-cultural songstress is releasing a brand new single from My Love album called “Specialty”.”

“My Love, introduced her to countless fans who have liked her clever mix of R&B sounds, Afro-Pop, Gospel and inspirational lyrics.”

“The song also hit #34 on the Media Guide Top 100 Gospel Chart. She was recently nominated for two 2011 Washington Area Music Association Awards for Gospel/Inspirational Vocalist and Gospel/Inspirational Recording as well as for Best Music Video from Channel O.”


“Her music is uniquely branded as inspiring & enlightening RnB/Soul/Gospel with elements of Afro-pop world and Reggae which catches the attention of urban youth and adult audiences.”

Nigerian HipHop

“Speciality - new single off Tolumide’s ‘My Love‘ album which was released last year. Off that album which was also her debut, she got nominated for Channel O award in the most gifted R&B category.”

“TolumiDE beats a path that is less traveled. She focuses on inspirational music. This is at a time when mainstream music as we know it, is gradually losing its soul. I mean, yes, there is a need to dance and ‘groove’ every other day. But when the balance of music is skewed that way, it poses a problem.”

“A veteran artist, TolumiDE songs have been featured on MTV Base, Channel O and several radio stations; her music fuses urban, contemporary gospel, reggae, funk, soul, and R&B and of course, African rhythms.”

“True, the lyrics are about Him, praising him, thanking him, etc., as they no doubt have to be, but the sound and vibe of most urban gospel is no different from contemporary R&B or pop ...She's been picking up nominations all over the place for her album My Love, and getting lots of airplay - especially for this lead single - on Pan-African stations (MTV Base, Channel O)”

“TolumiDE is not a new artist to the scene. With her amazing voice and multiple awards and nominations under her belt, this talented lady is here to stay”

“Urban Contemporary Gospel Artist, TolumiDE, Receives Two Washington Area Music Association Nominations”

“TolumiDE is an incredibly talented recording artist with an African flair and inspirational musical styling that exudes finesse and an energy rarely seen in gospel music.”

“Big blend of Afro-pop, funky reggae, neo-soul and jazz prove to be an entertaining brew for urban gospel’s newcomer.”

“TolumiDE (toe-LU-me-day) is a fresh new face to the gospel music industry. With her Nigerian music inspired beats, her musical style is in a class of its own. After listening to TolumiDE’s LP My Love, it is understood that she has done an incredible job of embracing all genres of music in her project. One thing for certain, this DMV resident is fixated on being a spokesperson for Christ.”

“The Nigerian and Canadian singer has been receiving rave reviews for the CD and it’s title cut, “My Love”. Distributed nationally and already charting on BDS with rotation on 150 stations nationwide, the urban-tinged song highlights the relationship between the singer and her Lord.”

“Her first U.S. release, “My Love,” is full of Praise and Worship from an Urban edge perspective. TolumiDE’s voice, to me, is reminiscent of a mixture between Diana Ross and Brandy’s voices.“It’s an Inspirational mixture of Jazz, African and World Music,” said TolumiDE Olumide about her sound. “”

“TolumiDE’s first full-length, My Love, continues her tradition of combining the cultural sounds of her past with the modern sounds of the present in a way that’s equally at home on the pop charts as it is in the gospel world. With a smooth and warm voice, she heeds Psalm 33:3 -- “Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully and and shout for joy.””

“As the title track (and current single) demonstrates, the album combines the vibrancy of African polyrhythm, explosive techno and TolumiDE’s fetching African accent with lyrics that uplift, empower and inspire while remaining grounded in the realities of modern life.”

“Growing up across the globe did not deter TolumiDE’s aspirations of becoming a singer. In fact, her various dwellings strongly shaped her musical prowess. With gospel music at heart, TolumiDE hopes to convey a message that is totally her own.”

“Nigerian-born singer TolumiDE first broke into music as part of the dancehall group Women Ah Run Things. Now, though, she's decided to take a major solo step into gospel territory, with the upcoming release of her feature length debut album 'My Love.”

“TolumiDE is a new artist with a Nigerian and Canadian background. She infuses gospel, reggae, funk, soul and African sounds and rhythms into music that works well. I’m really digging the vibe.”

“Wow, she went in on this one; the instrumental immediately gets you moving, but her voice and delivery make you FEEL the song”