Tokyo Raid / Press

“INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Featured Artist 2/26/12: "Tokyo Raid's aggressive rock sound takes a page out of the days when garage bands and pyschedelic sounds were ruling the airwaves."”

“The Fear of Sleeping has a violent edge that captures the essence of punk, garage and glam rock. The harmonies are stellar and captivating. Every song, even the very short “She Kills Reprise” has grit and substance.”

“They’ve the temerity to mix up classic Northern (English) post-punk, prime-time Goth and something altogether more primal, and the resulting squall isn’t unlike The Cramps stripped of their rockabilly beat, or Joy Division, had the MC5 been their prime influence and touchstone.”

“SF rock band Tokyo Raid at Carbone's Friday night at 9.GO!”

“Tokyo Raid...are quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about bands in the Bay Area”

“San Francisco garage/punk band Tokyo Raid's single "Classic Diversion (Pre-Release Mix)" is a pulsing, fuzzed-up joy ride with the woozy refrain "Buzz me out while I'm still alive."”

“Tokyo Raid are everything that is sonically cool about garage rock. Kinda like a car crash between the MC5 and post-millennial New York art-punk.”

“Monday's sole show is headlined by Tokyo Raid, who gives its punchy rock a twist of smoky-cool '60s garage haze.”

“Summoning all the dark and brooding post-punk they could muster, Tokyo Raid took to the stage for an enthusiastic audience. A immensely powerful three-piece band, Tokyo Raid pounded out an impressive set that fused the pulsing drone of Joy Division with blues-inspired psyche rock. Layered with aptly placed shrieks of feedback, Tokyo Raid bludgeoned the crowd with their wall of sound that eagerly awaited dissection.”

“If ever proof was needed that the Bay Area has a vibrant, eclectic live music scene with literally something for everyone, this weekend is it. So whether Method Man is your thing, or you are more of a Tokyo Raid fan, get out there and groove San Francisco.”

“Should you find yourself out and about this Thursday night make your way deep into the Mission to El Rio where Tokyo Raid will be playing with shoegazers Foreign Cinema, 9pm.”

“By the time they were finished, the congregation was hot, sweaty and utterly exhausted: proof that it was a hell of a show.”

“Hot Pick of the Week: Indie-psyche band Tokyo Raid (name fits the sound perfectly)...performances are sure to dazzle and delight the 21+ crowd.”

"Tokyo Raid, who just released their self-titled album and packed the stage with a fast paced indie edge that not only rocked sox, but set up the night well."

“Indulgence and Source Inside, totally addictive songs with their fast, sharp drums and angular, punk-ish guitars. Dark Eyes, Battle of Seattle, and the biggest winner of that EP, Sunday Morning, a long, smooth charmer of a tune, make up Tokyo Raid's self-titled EP.”