Kraszman / Press

"Totally Full On Power Frickin' Guitar Slingin' Hard Rockin' Super Cool Guitar MAN!"

Denis Jones - Tombstone Hands

“Philo Beddoe was chugging odd and cool when I made the Monty's Krown scene Saturday night. Guitarist Todd Krasz (he used to eat bees, you know?) is a shredder, and the music rocked. But it was the arrangement detours and the vocal ease that sent me. Krasz apparently has vocal chords that run the length of his lanky frame. There was some trucker-type roots beneath the metal arpeggios. Picture Dave Dudley dressed as a vampire. The band still seems a tad larval - it's too bad bands can't stay this way - but as it comes together, I reckon this band will stand alone. Right turn, Clyde.”

Frank De Blase - City Newspaper