Todd Kerns / Press

“His rich and muscular voice is in full form, and suits the passionate rock ballads here like "You Can Always Go Home", "The Devil In Me" and "So Close So Far".”

“Borrowing Trouble is an acoustic musical journey in which Todd Kerns paints a beautiful muriel of emotion, pain, and triumph.”

“Borrowing Trouble is one of those records where every song is your favorite, there is nothing to criticize about it, and it’s pretty perfect to be honest.”

“The opening track, “Nothing Personal” is a strong introduction to an equally strong album with the recurring messages about decisions, life, and self discovery.”

“I Like This - Longtime Canadian alt-rock fans will know Todd as a member of Age of Electric and then Static in Stereo. His current gig, though, is working as Slash's bass player. Somehow he found the time to record a solo album between Slash tours. The record is called Borrowing Trouble and will be out Tuesday. Here's a sample.”

“About GO TIME - "No rules and no single genre or style, it combines the likes of Bowie, Stooges, and MC5 to create a perfect rock and roll record. Loud guitars, catchy riffs and crazy powerful vocals from Kerns, what more could you want?”

“When I interviewed Todd Kerns six years ago at his Burnaby townhouse he was, as I mentioned in the subsequent Local Motion piece, the physical embodiment of the arena-ready rocker. He wasn't playing arenas back then, though; he was getting ready to open for the Tea Party at the Commodore in support of his debut solo album, Go Time!. That album's songs—or "beautiful disasters", as Kerns called them—didn't become the type of chart-toppers that would lead to headlining appearances at hockey rinks, but it doesn't matter now because Kerns has hit the bigtime with famed guitar hero Slash. Last spring the former Guns N' Roses member asked Kerns to become the bassist and backing vocalist in his touring band, and the former Age of Electric frontman took him up on it. As well as a headlining tour that brought Slash to the Commodore in October, the group has been playing massive festivals around the world, and will be opening act on the next leg of the Ozzy Osbourne tour...”

“Go Time is not as slick as his previous work; this was made more for him than for a record company. Recorded with members of Zuckerbaby, Static in Stereo and Bif Naked, he rocks quite hard on this album. The drumming in particular is very strong, with a good back beat to the music it supports, which is topped off with inexorable guitars. The lyrics are all very personal, concerning lost love, found love and anything else that rouses passion. It is always nice to hear tough love songs where there is sentiment without any contrived embarrassments. The songs are predominately rock with selected moments of solace, or else ricocheting somewhere in between the two.”

"...this is a non compromising straight ahead rocknroll album in the same vein as Kevin Martin,Josh Todd and Beautiful Creatures."