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“The tale of the rambling man is a nostalgic throwback to American music and pop culture of decades past. Traditional rhythm and blues, country, roots, folk, rock ‘n’ roll—and in particular Waylon Jennings and the Allman Brothers—have notated the journey from New Orleans through the Midwest to California, a route modern-day rambling man Todd Wait retraces almost to a turn. With a few contemporary adjustments, Wait tours the country year ’round in a veggie oil-fueled van, dabbling in several different music endeavors. His most-traveled project is Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen, an old-timey, New Orleans-inspired acoustic group, which features a different lineup almost every time the Pigpen hits the road. Currently, the trio features Wait on the guitar, Midwesterner Paul Weber on the harmonica and former Flagstaff resident Matt Dethrow on standup bass.”

"Timeless and fun with great songs and a bitchin group of musicians to perform ‘em."

“A Missouri folkie who prowls the highway in an airport shuttle bus powered by vegetable oil, Todd Day Wait plays homespun blues and scrappy R&B tunes on guitar, mandolin, banjo and Fender Rhodes, sounding like he stepped out of a time capsule from another era. ”

San Diego City Beat

“This little EP roars out of the gate with the overdriven, psych-tinged jump boogie of “It’s the Same Old Thing.” It was smart to really slather the grit on this warm, analog-sounding recording. Raunchy distorted organ and woozy wah-wah guitars build a solid foundation but leave just enough room for Wait’s powerful bluesman vocals to cut through the molasses. These tunes get a little sloppy at times, but, honestly, it would be kind of disappointing if they didn’t. I’d love to be at a party where these guys are playing.”

Shae Moseley - San Diego City Beat

“Todd Day Wait's approach to music is exciting and refreshing.”

“With rhythm, blues, reggae and soul, this band of rotating musicians has it all.”

Vox Magazine

“Pigpen is beyond a musical sensation as their lyrics paint optimistic pictures of a caring society. It’s useful music that injects positive spirit into the world”

Alex Cosper

“This Missouri instrumentalist is a writer, recorder and performer of a rainbow of genres. Tonight, witness him rock out to a symphony of sounds that range from blues to reggae to funk.”

The Missourian