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"A gem .... Clouser spices the All- American vibe of guitarist Bill Frisell with some Jimi Hendrix fire"

The Philadelphia Inquirer

"An impressive modern outfit that takes its cues from fuzzed-out acid rock and laid-back vintage funk."

Time Out New York City

"An impressive modern quintet that takes its cues from vintage, laid-back funk and fuzzed out acid rock guitar"


"There is one word for Todd Clouser's adventurous musical endeavors ; excellent"

Tahoe Daily Tribune, Tim Parsons

"A Blistering neo-jazz rock quintet"

The Prague Post

"A gem... Clouser spices the All-American vibe of guitarist Bill Frisell with some Jimi Hendrix fire, 3.5/4"

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Todd Clouser and his guitar at Jazz Dock Posted: June 15, 2011 Comments (0) | Post comment Adam Marsal Todd Clouser was a rock guitarist until he dropped out of that scene several years ago and moved to Mexico in search of a new musical direction. These days, he leads a blistering neo jazz-rock group called A Love Electric, which harkens back to the hard-bop groove and psychedelic era of the late 1960s. But Clouser doesn't even try to match the virtuosity of fusion jazz-rock guitarists of that decade, instead steering his own electric guitar sound into the 21st century, while keeping clear the influence of Jimi Hendrix.”

“Then there’s guitarist Todd Clouser, who leads a band on the alternative-jazz series at RecordBar on Sunday night. His music may be even less conventional than Lage’s — it’s rocking one moment, in a funk groove the next, and then works its way into something hazy and dreamlike. Clouser is on the road to promote a new CD, “A Love Electric,” a title that says a lot about his music — he likes to turn it up and let it rip, but whatever happens after that is wide open. No influence is excluded, and none is better than any other. The future of jazz probably has a lot of guitar in it. The music of Lage and Clouser promises quite a bit for that future. But in their own ways, they’re also delivering the goods right now. Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/02/16/2657985/young-guitarists-embrace-jazz.html#ixzz1FNKvWWxI ”

"Todd Clouser's a Love Electric." It's an instrumental collage of '70s rock and funk elements and modern jazz and features the trademark slide-trumpet work of Sex Mob leader Steven Bernstein, with whom Clouser has been touring as a sideman"

Best Bets - St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Sporting avant flourishes and grooves galore...A Love Electric liberally mixes jazz, funk and rock with compelling results."..."excellent, driving Ropeadope Records debut"

Tom Surowicz - Minneapolis Star- Tribune

"Clouser's gambit isn't the only path to reclaiming a vibrant audience for jazz, it is, however, one of the most rewarding."

Plastic Sax Concert Review, Kansas City - Plastic Sax

"From Minneapols, and recently relocated to Baja, Mexico, Todd Clouser is a genre-defying guitarist bringing 70's rock and modern jazz into a new realm"

Douglas Macrostie - 91.7 KAXE NPR

"A young, genre-defying guitarist, composer, and writer, Todd Clouser is an accomplished musician across the modern jazz and rock spectrum, leading a unique path to recognition as an up and coming act, performing with musicians from Keb Mo to "downtown" NYC jazz legend Steven Bernstein. Clouser's impassioned performances run from piano balladry to dense jazz and groove, exciting audiences with an approach meant to bend the rules of artistic labeling. "A Love Electric" documents Todd's most aggressive ensemble yet, an energetic quintet based in the stylings of 70's era electric jazz."

“A Love Electric Chosen as Top Ten Independent Release of 2010 Something Else No. 6: TODD CLOUSER - 'A LOVE ELECTRIC': Clouser goes for a circa-1970 psychedelic pop-jazz groove -- one tune is even titled "Brass Suite 1970" -- that recalls similar albums from that time frame, like Quincy Jones' Walking In Space and Herbie Hancock's Fat Albert Rotunda as well as some liked-minded contemporaries such as the groovy-jazz band from San Francisco, Mushroom. Although Clouser has plenty of background to make a "guitar" record, A Love Electric is more about crafting a style and a mood than the mere execution of chops (although the chops are still there). ”

Something Else!

"Warm and wonderfully realized music" -

Chuck Perrin - Dizzy's Jazz Club

"A Love Electric is a remarkably innovative and cohesive listening experience, start to finish. Clouser's electric guitar work dominates the sound stage, his music is colorful and captivating "

Robert Silverstein - MWE3.com

“Three unrelated facts about may tell Plastic Sax readers all they need to know about jazz-rock guitarist Todd Clouser. * He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is currently based in Baja, Mexico. * He covers Harry Nilsson's "One" on A Love Electric, his invigorating new album on the Ropeadope label. * He's performing at the Record Bar on Sunday, February 20, as part of Jeff Harshbarger's Alternative Jazz series. That's enough to get me excited about the gig, but fence-straddlers might also like to know the following: * Trumpeter Steve Bernstein, perhaps best known for his work with Sex Mob, is a frequent Clouser collaborator. (I don't know if Bernstein will be with the band for the gig in Kansas City.) * The band might also cover Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. * CD Baby suggests the new album is "recommended if you like Jeff Beck, Marc Ribot, Medeski, Martin and Wood." That's about right.”

Plastic Sax Blog

"Like Bill Frisell and Marc Ribot, Clouser is a formidable jazz guitarist who doesn't shy away from playing other musical styles." - The Madison Isthmus (thedailypage.com)

“No. 2 Release of 2010”

Mister Gnu - Green Arrow Radio - Madison Student Radio