ToddBugbee / Press

“Coming Friday to the Wave in Blue Lake: Critical Measures Trio, a band out of Petaluma with local ties. “It’s kind of a homecoming for us,” says CM-3 guitarist/vocalist Todd Bugbee. You might remember the band name from years ago: It was a local hip hop crew that included Bicasso, a rapper who’s gone on to greater fame. This is not that group. Bugbee was living here at the time and played in a few bands: The Orbitones and HSU’s P.M. Jazz Band among them. He was friends with the Critical Measures guys. Later, basically because he liked the name, he adopted it (with permission) when he put together a funk-jam outfit down Sonoma way with bassist Joe Nemzer, another musician with Humboldt roots. “We’re pretty organic. It is what it is: three guys jamming it out,” Bugbee explained. “We recorded one of our first jams and put it up on MySpace; before we knew it people were asking us to play.”