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Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun / Press

“...electro rockers Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun finally burst back onto the scene this past Wednesday, unveiling their video for new single “Youth Found in the Night.” The song, pulled from the band’s upcoming Quads EP, due out in April, finds the group pushing their more effusive dance-pop tendencies to the forefront and scaling back on the angular guitar-fueled dissonance. It’s a noticeable shift from the balanced attack TTMTTS have worked to perfect in the past, but it works here, in part because Lauren Gibson pulls off fragility and triumph with equal aplomb, her emotive vocals breathing color and mystery into the band’s indelible hooks.”

“Now the band have unleashed the long-awaited new video “Youth Found In The Night” from their upcoming EP Quads, which is slated to be released in April. ...and if the song is any indication, we’re in for a slew of surprises on the upcoming EP. ...Their last release was 2011’s WILDFIRE (eventually re-released on Portland’s Greyday Records), which saw the band perfecting their heavily distorted dissonance over driving dance beats with melodies that buried deep within your subconscious....“Youth Found In the Night” finds the dance-beats pushed even further to the forefront, bringing the band closer to Chvrches dance-pop territory, and further away from the chaotic angularity of their previous releases. While it’s too early to accurately guess what else lies in store on the upcoming release, odds are we won’t have to wait too long as rumor has it that the band is releasing more music videos before the EP’s release.”

“(TTM,TTS) are an incredible band. In-freaking-credible. They play this fierce blend of electronic rock that comes built-in with hooks and mantras, like breakup music you can dance to if you’re so inclined or rock out to if you’re so inclined or just get absorbed in and listen, listen, listen.”

“Wildfire, their epic new full-length, they have finally found a way to capture the magic of their concerts, producing a record that fully realizes their vast potential from start to finish. It’s pop music as art at it’s very finest, and it’ll end up being one of the best records to come out of Atlanta this year.”

“...Yeah, I praised and praised through this [review]. I know it. However, I dare you to find anyone else who’s had the pleasure of a sneak peak at Wildfire to say any different. I tried and failed miserably, as the album seems to be melting hearts from Georgia to Brooklyn.”

“Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun -- are an unstoppable force... My prediction? Someday, their songs will echo off the walls of arenas.”

"This band out of Atlanta leaves quite the impression. Their live act is spectacularly grungy, plenty dance-infused, and features as many guitar pedal / mixing board acrobatics as Radiohead and U2. If you ever get the chance, see them live. You won’t regret it."

“[TTM,TTS] has a kung-fu style grip on what indie music is for. They seem to be flawless in their confidence,pounding out a dance worthy beat. Beat humpers you better stretch.This is 80's but harder,and coining some solid lyrics you easily trained monkeys will embrace like your first teddy bear.”

"This indie electro-pop four piece is poised to conquer the nation with it's dance-tastic sounds, scintillating melodies, and charming good looks. But, it's their commitment to touring around the Southeast, putting on amazing live shows that is allowing TTMTTS to rapidly build its reputation."

“Then, Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun took the stage…and owned the damn place. Am utter gale-force of an electro-rock 4-piece, with all the stomp and swagger of bands that fake the glittery sound these days but with a dark, gritty and emotional lyrical underpinning. I was hooked, instantly.”

"Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun: a band that should already be famous...such an unpredictable, ancillary beauty. Even so, you still sort of hate her for it. In short, they deserve the record deal that’s coming to them. I didn’t tell you that."

“Dancey, sweaty, pulsating, atmospheric, frenetic, driving. These are all words I could use to describe W I L D F I R E by Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, and all of them would fall short. This isn’t one of those albums you listen to for singles and skip the rest. There are definitely some catchy sing-a-longs (“We Were Wild” and “Oh Black Gold” for instance), but for every soaring chorus, there is a well-balanced and introspective song keeping the contextual weight of the band intact.”

“TTMTTS are like the best acid trip you ever read about–all the involuntary body movement, smiles, and disjointed attention spans, minus the brain damage. Hangover is optional and buzz is recommended.”

“The album plays with a seamless drifting between genres- synthpop as well as ambient and indie rock without ever losing its effectiveness or focus. The drifting feels natural for the young quartet and the exploring never seems forced or pretentious; which offers a sigh of relief to a genre filled with insincerity & overacting.”

"TMTS has already captured audiences throughout the Southeast, and is on the peak of exploding nationally."

"Wildfire [is] fifty minutes of unrelenting thrills and chills."

“...took our breath away & widened our eyes a bit with their blending of 90s alternative indie rock & sultry, whispering threats from the frontwoman's glossed, biting lips...Indie pop that leans a shoulder heavily on electronics, much in the vein of everything good & right about that formula.”

“'I’ll just say that in a conversation earlier in the week about regional musicians who should be blowing up nationally, I told someone I was in the 'if TTMTTS don’t get big there is no God' category to which she said 'I think we’re ALL in that category'."”

"The full room couldn't contain themselves from dancing, yelling loving proclamations to Micah, or like me putting on a loaded grin."

Adam Trimble - Have You Heard

"They’re, without a doubt, one of the best emerging Atlanta artists out there."

Future Perfect Radio

“This is the kind of EP that will leave unknowing friends wondering, "Who is this band?" and asking for details on where to get a copy.”

“The subtle electronica that sparkles in this band's epic alternative rock creates a sexy blend that is equal parts Metric and Muse. It takes turns making you want to dance and head bang and pound your fist in the air.”

“Mixing the guitar & bass distortion of the entire 90s years w/the post-postmodern lyrical attack of the now-sort-of-soft Liz Phair and anything-but-analog keyboards, the band create simple, live-fast-dance-hard songs filled with fervor & force...don't forget to put on dancing shoes immediately.”

"I think we all should start this review by thanking God for independent music, and for incredibly creative people. I think Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is one of those bands that are some of the most creative musicians in the south east right now."

Benjamin King - Rock Fist Reviews