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One of the things that can make or break a movie, documentary, or a T.V. series is; the music. Carl Stalling made some of the greatest underscore music -- ever!. He is one of the hallmarks of soundtrack music design. JAWS... immediately invokes an emotion; and without this music of John Williams...Star Wars, Superman? What about the consistant vibes of James Bond over the past 40 years? Not to mention the animation world; Toy Story, Bugs Life,...(Randy Newman). And Danny Elfman is a genius. You wanna get inspired?... Listen to the mastery of how this man uses the entire spectrum of sound. Many young filmmakers, often times forget that sound is a huge part of the movie experience. I think that the music should move you someplace. Invoke some emotion. The flip?... If you wanna get an example of how music can be a 'weight' to the movie experience, then watch a movie that has a music bed through-out the entire length of the story. IT WILL KILL IT!

Technology has changed the way music is used as a part of the movie/T.V. even corporate presentations use music as a way to support an experience. Many Sound Designers will get an idea from the director of a project and score it all right in their own studio. I am new at this game and I'm ready to create something and or add sound design to your project.

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Earle Scott
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Instrumental / Sound Design, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger / Soundtrack

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Peoria, AZ
tobe hubbard

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