TL Briggs(Songwriter) / Press

" ...* The Greatest Hello * is a New York Times best seller set to music! Congratulations my friend *..."


"I have sat and listened finally to your music and love it brother..love butterfly especially...I love hearing singers who dig deep into their hearts and sing with their emotions on their sleeve..it's a privelege to listen..."

"Shelly Wilson"(Artist).....Reverbnation

"Hi TL, I had to come back and listen again to "The Greatest Hello". It gets better every time I hear it. In the beautiful song category, it is number one in my books!"

"Gary Whitehawk"(Artist)....Reverbnation

"The Greatest Hello is one of best written songs I have ever heard. Beautiful!"

"Katie Waya".....Reverbnation

“PROMIZE™: Shelby says great music and a awesome hat! ”

"Shelby" of the band "PROMIZE"......Reverbnation

"I was drawn into the emotion immediately! Your songs pulled me in and wouldn't let me go."


"The Greatest Hello, is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard"... "I can picture the whole thing, and that song is truly a gift from God."

"Bonnie Mcgill"(Artist).....Reverbnation

“Wow TL * p u r e t a l e n t * * Walkaround Mountain is a masterpiece * much success & love * Patricia ”

Artist "Ecologyngle" ......Reverbnation

“..."not only do i love butterfly's, your song is just beautiful, and very sweet..Im sure you made your little sister proud! Keep them flowing..Blessings" ~Marie :-)) Mar 24”

Artist "Marie Satch"......Reverbnation

"...loving walkaround mountain. love it when people think outside the box great job, am a fan"

Artist "Sherry Rose"..... reverbnation

“Billy Bob!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wait, still listening.... HAHAHAHAHA.... TL, I love you! ~ ”

Artist "Saxony Raine"(10 miles of Blue) ......reverbnation

"One of the most talented composers & artists here on Reverb * just took a bit of time to find ya!" "Put Yourself in My Blues * loving the latin feel combined with country. Brilliant cross genre..."

Artist "Ecologyngle" ......Reverbnation