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"Opening the show, was Ben Perowsky’s Moodswing Orchestra (MSO). The band, which consisted of Danny Blume on guitar and Ben Perowsky himself on the drums, was fronted by the electric MC, TK Wonder. Wonder, adorned in a strapless black cocktail dress and combat boots, took us on a lyrical mind trip. Perowsky’s MSO provided the dynamic audio landscapes of electronic and experimental rhythms for Wonder’s quick yet melodic cadences to take center stage. Wonder’s performances of the hypnotic “Fantasy” and the provocative “Love Me” definitely gave new comers to her music reason to pay attention through her dynamic stage performance."

““TK Wonder sits somewhere between M.I.A. and Flying Lotus, with Taylor Mcferrin contributing a special brand of spaceship electro beats. Rhymewise, TK’s ability to spit at aggressive tempos is rivaled by few of her contemporaries, and she’s got that killer combination of looks and skills that the game is sorely missing."”

““TK Wonder is a enormously talented rapper and her lyrics were very naturally added to the remixes on this “Mars” mixtape. Her rapid-fire rhymes allow for more lyrics per second which is probably why it seemed so natural for her raps to be in these tracks. Definitely worth checking out this remix even if it is to embrace your inner-emo for the New Moon soundtrack tune from Thom Yorke. I think if people search out this mixtape for the “Hearing Damage” remix, they’ll also discover a wonderfully gifted talent in TK Wonder. Can’t wait to see what’s next from her!””

"This week is all about revelations. Firstly, TK Wonder is the greatest rapper alive. She rocked the When Boy Meets Girl IV show at Southpaw which featured acts like Sarah White who pumped out sweet, punky soul that is a pain to classify but easy to shimmy to. With her psychedelic leggings and a feather in her hair, TK looked like Gem playing a game of Cowboys and Indians. But then she spits over Taylor McFerrin's mouth-made beats with the rapid fire diction of Busta Rhymes and the mellow, gravelly tone of Digable Planets' Ladybug Mecca. And the random, robotic dance breaks? She had me at the first hip-thrust."

““It's not only Revive that's exploring this fertile ground. Drummer Ben Perowsky, leader of avant-garde group Moodswing Orchestra, features hip-hop freestyler TK Wonder on his front line; a June 25 show will toast adventurous East Village club Nublu's eighth anniversary. ["The way she flows, it's like a horn player," Perowsky says of Wonder. "If there is any jazz going on in hip-hop, I feel like it's coming from the rappers more so than from the beats. The improv aspect of it is coming from the rhymes, and that's where the jazz is."”

““Drummer Perowsky is another recognizable face on the downtown jazz scene and his set did not disappoint. The rapper TK Wonder meshed well with the percussionist’s snappy, hip-hop-inspired grooves. When she was done spitting, guitarist Adam Rogers took over, and the excellent, Bill Frisell–style tone he got from his Telecaster offered something new for the veteran player.””

““Last but not least in our list of Bounce-Worthy femcees is TK Wonder. According to WaPo, her style rests somewhere between "M.I.A. and Flying Lotus." It's an imaginary pedigree that would get anyone to listen, but it's not that simple. And it's her sheer lack of simplicity that will keep you listening a little longer. TK's catchy chants are at once provocative and runway-ready, due to Taylor McFerrin's frenetic beats. If her lyrics are empowering, that's only because she injects them with a little tough love. Check the cautionary "Celebrity" from McFerrin's Broken Vibes EP and her own "Nightwalker." But listen carefully, because she has a penchant for rapping at lightspeed if the track demands it. She recently performed during the DC's Can A Sista Rock A Mic? festival and by all accounts she owned the evening."”

"There were fusions of jazz elements and contemporary music that felt familiar. A compact version of drummer Ben Perowsky’s Moodswing Orchestra worked urging, sprawling grooves despite some technical distractions, receiving a boost whenever the guest MC, TK Wonder, offered her rapid-fire rhymes."

““Combining powerful delivery and provoking lyrics, TK Wonder is electric"”

Sarah White - Trace Magazine

"As if having Raphael Saadiq and Aloe Blacc weren’t enough, we have added newcomer TK Wonder whose aggressive slamming style seamlessly merges the lines between poetry and hiphop. TK will be performing with Moodswing Orchestra. You can grab her mixtape, Mars, to get to know this glam-rock poet."