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“Soletron recently caught up with an up and coming band called The Killing Floor. Guaranteed you’ll never see another band like this. The Killing Floor commands a stage better than most and they’re doing some pretty big things! Made up of four members, two from London and two from Brooklyn, The Killing Floor just collaborated with legendary Hollywood director Joel Schumacher. You can check out the trailer for the video below! Get with The Killing Floor on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what they’re doing. Hit the links below to download their music! ”

“TKF straddles the line between Rock and more melodic music. Taking the best of both worlds is something that this band has achieved. The album is eleven tightly put together tracks that could easily find their way into mass consciousness. I’ll be keeping an eye on this band to see how they continue to evolve.”

"Drawing from the tradition of hard rock as well as from the more emotional and melodic indie guitar rock of the 90s, NYC's The Killing Floor forge a sound that's at once powerful and impassioned. What stands out though is their proficient songwriting, that allows them to write tracks that rise above the average."

Juan Rodriguez (Deli LA), Chrissy Prisco (Deli Boston), QD Tran (Deli Philly) - The Deli Magazine

“Joel Schumacher will direct the first music video for hard-rock band The Killing Floor. The plot for the video is still under wraps. But since the song’s lyrics include the lines, “If I find you sleeping with someone else . . . I’m gonna stop your heart from beating,” edgily inclined Schumacher sounds like the right man for the material. ”

“Well done guys, your album is the nutz! ”

Henry Mulligan - Vice Magazine

“The Killing Floor's new self-titled album of classic rock with a modern edge is simply amazing. The Killing Floor is full of driving guitar and beautiful guitar solos. Every track lulls, soothes, and shreds. Mark Alberici's lead guitar pierces, winds, and takes with ferocity and grace. Oliver Alberici's rhythm guitar supports and drives like a Maserati. Marco Argiro's vocals and bass guitar are both relentlessly excellent. Chris Bunatta's drums are frequently understated and always perfect. Backing vocals are masterfully understated and only occur at the right times like her touch. If you can't have sex to this you're dead!!!”

“Oh, hard rock. There just doesn’t seem to be as much of it these days. If you ask around, bands fitting the description are (typically) Foo Fighters, (unfortunately) Nickelback, and (for some reason) Kings Of Leon. Rock ‘n roll in itself these days seems to exists en masse through artsy pretentiousness but what happened to simple, gritty, heavy rock? Maybe I’m not catching up very well with the format, but it still seems to lurk in the annals of post-grunge. On their first album (self-titled), Anglo-American rock quartet The Killing Floor certainly has all the traces of a hard rock band… However, one that lets go of grunge influences and replaces them with a much heavier (albeit streamlined) sense of musicianship. The guitars are heavy, the drums are loud, and what you get is total in-your-face rock ‘n roll.”

“A huge reason why this album will appeal to many is the depth of the music here. This isn’t just an album that sounds like one long song all the way through. The variety of songs kept me coming back to this album again. You have fast hard rocking tracks like “Star Baby”, “Mind Control” (My favorite song on the album) and “Strangers Isle” which are offset by tracks like “Your Enemy”, a beautifully crafted song that is reminiscent of bands like Oasis, The Foo Fighters, I Mother Earth and Led Zeppelin. The Killing Floor have put out an enticing album here which will appeal to the masses and help them establish a good following in North America and around the world. Time will tell if they can surpass those bands, which they have been influenced by, but The Killing Floor is a great debut for these guys and will undoubtedly lead to good things in the future.”

"Built around the arena rock guitar histrionics of brothers Mark and Oliver Alberici, tracks such as 'Temptation' and 'Shout' are custom made for mass appeal, especially when the band's meaty vocal hooks start to get under your flesh. 'Leap To Safety' and 'Stealing Prayers' meanwhile take the anthemic formula of the pervious tracks and twist them with a nihilistic simplicity. Vocalist/bassist Marco Argiro sounding a dead ringer for Stephen Dewaele on the haunting 'Stealing Prayers', whilst his understated throbbing bass mixed with drummer Chris Bunatta's dry snare makes 'Leap To Safety' the perfect antidote for anyone experiencing Foo Fighters withdrawal symptoms right now".

Johnny H - Uberrock

"TKF are a hard rock band but their sound is delivered with considerable passion"


"we are treated to The Killing Floor whose punk rock songs get the crowd more excited"

With Drums and Colour

"Sounding like a mash up of Soulwax and Post Stardom Depression with some Grohl like pop sensibilities the band's imminent album has a fine single cut in the shape of 'Shout'. Stadiums await".


"The Killing Floor are an Anglo/American rock band, a cross between GNR and Queens of The Stone Age with some nice melodies".

GoldenPlec July 2010

“TKF songs like "Stealing Prayers" hinge on post-punk minor-key chord stabs, with the kind of crotch-pumping, anthemic choruses that would make Billy Idol cry more, more more.”

Miami New Times