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"(TJay is) at the same place in (his) career that Dave Matthews was when he recorded 'Remember Two Things'." - STEVE LILLYWHITE, Producer (Dave Matthews Band, U2, Counting Crows, Jason Mraz, Matchbox 20)

Steve Lillywhite - Steve Lillywhite

"Remember those long gone-BYE rock days when singers had voices that virtually roared with power, finesse and...well... just damn great vocals. The Eagles hit those notes. As did the Doobie Brothers, Arthur Lee's Love and blues based belters like Robert Plant and Steve Marriott. What happened to that clarion sound? It disappeared. So when a new singer/songwriter like TJay with a vibrant CD like "Take a Seat" (www.tjaymusic.com) comes along one surely takes notice. And you can tell there is a strong gig history for this muse-traveler as well. That pickup truck looks ready for the rock rigors of the road and with songs such as "Hey Fool" and "Monte" TJay looks ready to ROLL. The Lucky Brand shades from Rem certainly complete this road show. Love that the particular style is called Backbeat. Give it all a look and listen. You'll be back."

"...TJay plays a be-bop-influenced style complete with heavy syncopation and all interwoven with smooth vocal melodies ala ‘70s Doobie Brothers or Steely Dan. He played selections from his latest disc entitled Take A Seat and is probably one of the only guys around that can boast of having world renowned sax man Bill Evans on their disc... TJay has enough talent to attract the interest of this killer sax man. His CD rocks and I could imagine he can do that with a band. TJay has also played with Dave Mason and Blues Traveler (Blues Traveler has asked him out again) and we hope he returns to the area soon. It’s a nice change from the norm here."

"If you haven’t seen him – I don’t know what you’re waiting for!"

"Fantastic stuff. Great ear for a hook."

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