Riah / Press

“Native singer and songwriter Riah decided to take her smooth, soulful chops up a notch and pursued a singing career. After discovering she had the ability to sing when she was 17, Riah collaborated with local artists and producers...This rookie on the rise surely captured our attention the moment we listened to one of her most liked singles, “In The Middle" on Reverbnation. Her soft yet powerful voice makes it hard to believe she only started singing some four years ago. Riah also strives to be a role model and continues to inspire her fans, youth and communities far and wide. We can’t wait for Riah’s first full album to debut later on this year.”

““Before the posting of videos of her raw recordings, no one knew of Riah’s capability to sing until she was appointed a vocal coach that put her octaves to the test. She has a comfortable alto range that hits a high note softly, yet delivers a deep soulful vocal accord. Involved with countless collaborations, the opportunities have given her the chance to enjoy an audience that has accepted her through her music in video and live performances. In addition to her resume’, charity work and special guest performances are her favorite things to do. What more can you ask for? She is simply talented and has proven her strides to maintain a positive role model to her youthful peers.””

“KAYENTA - The 2011 Youth Jacket and Toy Drive and free show is scheduled Dec. 10 from 5-7:30 p.m. at the Monument Valley High SAC Auditorium. Meet the Redland Native models and enjoy music from Manos Musik, Riah, Keeps Hustling, Writtyn, Lil Spade n Rollin, J-Stylez and Ethnic De Generation. Sponsored by Native American Trading Post, Shelton Transportation, Cal Nez Design and Sunrise Transportation. ”