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“Finally we mention the West Flemish Tiny Legs Tim who played the support act, all by himself and on the rickety guitar of his grandfather. His nasal singing has a real pre-war sound (although of course this is not due to the singing but to the bad recording quality of pre-war albums). The more limited harmonica tunes are not an asset, but the guitar… wow! This young lad is a genuine Robert Johnson style master without being an imitator. He experienced the 'dealin' with the devil' indeed and his own songs are abundant with self relativity. 'Everybody's drinking but I'm sober about myself', he chanted unisonous with his guitar. I put him in the category ‘to keep an eye on’! ”

Franky Bruneel (Back to the roots) - Banana Peel Ruislede: Chicago Blues Festival

“A harmonica at his lips, a bottleneck on his fingers, a guitar in his hands, Tiny Legs Tim has grown up with the sound of Bob Dylan and the blues masters. Their influences impregnated his music. The tones shiver in the way of the gospel and the country. A perfect appetizer before the Black Diamond Heavies. ”

La Voix du Nord - Tiny Legs Tim and Black Diamond Heavies

“Bar Live, Roubaix Brilliant support act. Tiny Legs Tim, a young tormented soul from Gent, spent a long time in hospitals where he got contaminated with the blues. He was extremely convincing in the company of his guitar, harmonica and stump box. It has been a long time since I enjoyed a blues set that much. Genuine and sincere, no gimmicks. It’s a shame that I had to go to France to discover this! Apart from his own songs he also played some really good Dylan covers. In particular "In my time of dyin' ", which is actually a traditional but got well known through Led Zeppelin, was tremendous. Definitely worth discovering, this Tiny Legs Tim! ”

Bar Live Roubaix

“Pure sounds that give you the impression that you are wandering around in the very first days of the Blues, sensational guitar playing, a small hint of John Lennon, wonderful good energy, and only one regret from my side, that is the fact that my friend Dan has not been there to enjoy this excellent concert, so … for him and you here comes a video of Tiny Legs Tim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et8gURmnsWg ”

Doc Mac Mac & Guitare © - Revue Art-Scènes © 2010 - Tiny Legs Tim : Blues honouring the guitar!

“ "Imagine this West Flemish singer songwriter drinking a coke in front of a filling station and mixing the best of Bob Dylan and Mississippi John Hurt on his battered acoustic guitar… Pleasantly cracking and a little too fucked up. Perfect." ”

“ Old blues in a young body. ”

Urgent FM - Tiny Legs Tim