TinVulva / Press

“Twenty years after riot grrrl, it's interesting to see how cyclical a movement can be — halfway through the show I self-consciously thought about how I now have the same baby bangs as I did back then, not to mention the distilled shred-guitar and moany vocals of opening band TinVulva that aesthetically shouted out all their mothers before them.”

"TinVulva sort of has that whole Adams Family thing going on; they’re dark and dirty (especially with their guitar rhythms). At times, the guitar tones remind me of This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About. Overall, the music comes across as extremely relaxed while remaining fully hostile."

“Christopher Walken would claim that music needs more “cowbell” but I am a firm believer that what music needs now is what the following band has…that being raw talent. The kind of raw talent that fills up venues city wide and soon there after, state wide.”

“TinVulva rocked out the Moustache Dance Party last night at PANDA NYC! These chicks were on fire as always!”