'tine-'tine / Press

"..proves good art can actually come from [Northeast Philly] even though it might be about STDs and drugs"

"Her self-deprecating humor and sharp-witted tongue aimed directly at her ex-lovers are the driving force behind her short but sweet lo-fi hip-pop songs. She's been making music since 2006 and already has two albums under her belt, so she's spent plenty of time perfecting her craft of being as foul-mouthed as possible. Yes, it sounds like all her songs are made on GarageBand, and certainly that accent hints at a Jersey/NE Philly upbringing with the manners to match, but isn't that the point?"

"‘tine-‘tine will cut any bitch that crosses her and make ex-lovers rue the day they hit that shit with a drop of a verse!"

"..it’s still surprising that her tiny, adorable self can pack such a dirty lyrical wallop over tattered lo-fi beat downs"