Tine Bruhn / Press

“It wouldn’t be a strech to suggest that their [Bruhn and O’Neal] natural rapport is as affecting as Evans' with Tony Bennett in the late 1970's.”

“Completely unassuming, yet drawing you into her world.”

Jazz Weekly

“The three are at their best in a glorious version of “But Beautiful”, with a lovely opening eight bars for voice and tenor, beautifully-sculpted improvisations by tenor and piano, and an often-surprising vocal variation. Thankfully, the rest of the tracks maintain this high standard of taste and quality. Highly recommended.”

"Despite taking different artistic paths, all three of these artists have arrived at a similar place where they can share their experiences and speak the same language freely; this state of nearness is the charm behind this album."

"Organic and straight from the heart, this is "last call" jazz you would hear in some of the finest jazz venues in New York. Bruhn's tone and phrasing alone are a reharm that arrangers dream of......literally perfect performances of Johnny O'Neal and Stacy Dillard. Simply amazing."

"It's confounding, really, that anyone can be this mellifluous and yet so enticing, constantly alluring, keeping the listener soporifically wondering what will come next. I think, dear reader, you'll go back to Nearness one more than once, wondering exactly what it is you can't quite grasp in fullness, never to solve the puzzle…and that's the secret of Ms. Bruhn's soothingly wily art." AcousticMusic/FAME


“Tine Bruhn is a smooth and experienced singer with a crystal clear voice that gets convincingly intimate in the mellow, relaxed melodies.”

DIG Jazz, Sweden

““The Nearness of You,” from which the album title is drawn, is simply seven and a half minutes of bliss. If an album can glow with light, this one does."”

“Slick, sophisticated, cool romantic. Sade-esque! Yet smoother… ”

Donna McElroy, Professor, Berklee College of Music

“Tine Bruhn is a fantastic discovery and her debut Entranced is simply an exquisite and elegant album highlighting the talents of this singer/composer and her band. She possesses a divine soprano voice, both light and deep, sweet and serious, with great subtlety, restraint and control.”

“An auspicious debut - there's a new gun slinger in town and this is only the beginning.”

“Tine Bruhn is raw, elegant, ethereal. ”

The Copenhagen Voice

“Mesmerizing, moving music. Tine Bruhn sounds terrific and leaves 'em wanting more. ”

Jazz Improv NY