Timmeh / Press

“Tim Boykin’s guitar playing and songwriting are ingrained in the history of the Birmingham Alabama music scene for the last 29 years. The average Joe on the street may not have any idea who he is, but, if you had stepped into The Nick some night and heard Carnival Season in the mid 80’s or went to see Topper Price & The Upsetters in the 90’s, you would have seen one of the Incredibles.”

“Annexed Asylum is pure, hard-driving death metal. They have a great sound, similar to some of the harsher old Megadeth and a lot of the newer stuff from Mudvayne with a little dust of Prong and Death sprinkled on for good measure.”

“Each of the six songs on the EP overflows with meaty riffs, wild solos, and spastic beats - a treat for any genre fan.”