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“TJ Clark - Muse Radio Show Host DOWNTONE BLUES … will be aired on TJ’s Muse Bridge 7-22-12 on Muse Boat Radio http://tiny.cc/w6b5bw Jul 21 Suzanna Kay (Artist) Suzanna Kay AHHHH FLORIDA !! REALLY NICE ! VERY WELL DONE AND VERY EASY TO ENJOY ! ”

“show Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative “I have used Tim's music to demonstrate to students the concept of 21st Century Progressive Experimental Rock of which Tim's music is an excellent example. Tim's music is also been used for warm up activities during rehearsals for the performing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics. I also enjoy listening to Tim's music simply because it's intriguing, exciting and yet reflective at the same time. It takes you to places you didn't know you could get to without the use of illegal drugs! I thoroughly recommend Tim and his music.” May 29, 2012 June Bonfield-Brown BA(Mus), MEd, BA(Hons) LMusEd ASMC(Hons) HonFNMSM, CT,FVCM (client) June hired Tim for Music Education in 2012”

“Colorful Creative Instrumental Rock Music Video Sometimes the Rock music video can really make an impact on getting a band discovered and remembered. Yesterday a new member joined you on this site his name is Tim Medrreck and he has been helped my site by Introducing me to Instrumental Rock ”

“Robyn-Jane - Blues / Singer-Songwriter / Blues-Chanson 03/29/2012 4:48pm 'Upscale Blues', a wickedly innovative track musically that is such an incredibly addictive listen. Tasty guitar work & beautiful variations against a pumping beat, just loving it!”

“Hey it's Chris.I liked"Florida"&want to talk about it. Please send a contact # or call us at xxxxxxx .Thanks. www.ARselect.com A&R Select Artist Recruitment, Beverly Hills, CA ”

"Original great tune got this wonderous touch of early 70s-you rock amigo!" Tompaz, Artist peer on Ubetoo

" I just downloaded Finding Yes lll (Jazz Reprise). It's amazing.....and once again it's crazy and freaky. Quite quixotic!"

“Hi Tim, Hover commented on your link. Hover wrote: "Hello, congratulations for his instrumental work, really liked the song Upscale blues, congratulations on the job. good luck and success! Thanks,The Facebook Team / April 4, 2012”

“Particularly enjoying Finding Yes III (reprise) [Jazz Guitar Version]. Superb playing.”

“Love those sounds! Your tunes were a cool surprise. oh ya awesome guitar sounds and trippy jams love it. best Johnny Feb 06”

“There's some freaky/crazy stuff going on here and I love it!”

“This American musician who hails from Massachusetts came up with a calm classic rock song based on a melodic riff and a few interesting guitar solos. "Florida (for Laurie)" is an instrumental composition, so it allows listeners to focus on Tim's guitar playing skills. ”

““Tim Medrek brings interesting ideas and turns out to be a skilled guitar player. His song "Florida (for Laurie)" should be welcomed by those of you who prefer to be surrounded by the vibes and spirit of the 60's and 70's classical rock and blues music gen””