Tima Montemayor / Press

"...right from the opening track of her debut full-length CD Until Now, Tima effortlessly entrances us to step into a different world with her - a world that's uniquely and beautifully hers."

Jason Woo - Independent Review

“I have lots of CDs by Indie artists come my way, but this one really got my attention. My Bose system was cranked up and melting with the sounds coming from a truly amazing voice. I have always said that music is a form of story telling and this materpiece has a lot to say. It ranges from love, pain, and logging to regret. Beautiful Lie really got to me as did Still In Love.”

DJ Wahya - PheonixRadio

"...She takes us on new and glorious adventure through well thought out lyrics. Tima's vocals are simply brilliant on each of these tracks. This entire album is exceptionally well put together."