Tilford Sellers / Press

“There is a decidedly lack of universal truth being written about in the time-honored American tradition of chunka-chunka chords, scratchy fiddles and steel guitars. Where's the cheatin songs that dont make us cry? What happened to beer cans and halter tops and little guys thinking they can take bigger guys? Go through Tilford Sellers' swinging doors and re-find all that good stuff. It's there waiting for you to come back home. He and the band play southern Indiana honky-tonk so muddy you're bound to lose your boots. It's the slightest bit retro with the occasional hiccup, but maybe it just feels like that because not many folks actually sit down and play songs about leaving, dancing, drinking, loving, kissing and then a few more about leaving in these dark days. Its a shame too, because this is the music that makes a shy boy ask a wallflower out to dance across hard wood floors. And boy, I look around this world and think we need more of that and a little less of all this other stuff.”

“The Little Opry may have burned down years ago but Tilford Sellers and his boys are keeping traditional country music alive and well throughout Southern Indiana. With original songs lamenting heartache, loneliness, and the long wait for Saturday night, Sellers' impressive debut CD invokes both the joyous and tragic sides of honky-tonk music. Get ready!”

“On What You're Doing To Me Tilford Sellers revives the early days of American music where country/blues/rock were still basically the same music. You can hear strains of the Grand Old Opry and Hank Williams. You can hear echos of Charlie Feathers and Buddy Holly. It's feel-good honky tonk music that's refreshingly simple, direct, and fun. Highlights for me are "Get Ready" and the title track, "What You're Doing To Me." ”