Tiki Black / Press

"a stunning and intense concert.... stir the audience to tears... with her ​​distinctive voice that showed once again its particular class"

“... an international artist in the street giving a performance. That happened in the Old Court in Tolbert with a garden concert for all residents. (Zomaar een internationaal artiest in de straat die een optreden geeft. Dat gebeurde in de Oude Hof in Tolbert bij een tuinconcert voor alle bewoners.)”

“A voice that can compete with the greats. (Een stem waarmee ze zich kan meten met de allergrootsten.)”

“Her profound lyrics and beautiful vocal and piano arrangements are quickly garnering this singer-songwriter global respect... a captivating, rich sound.”

“J'ai tout simplement été touchée au cœur.”

"impressive music... intelligent lyrics... easy to listen to"

"Un monde de douceur poétique et de vérités saillantes"

“A deep and soothing voice absolutely dripping with emotions”

“What a beautiful lyricist, truly lovely and pulling in influences from all over the globe…”

“Lyrically as well as musically alluring... moments of extraordinary vision." - Out Of The Black album review”

"what an honour, a rare privilege..." - Out Of The Black album review

"…nothing short of a masterpiece" - Out Of The Black album review

"Lush keys, beautiful melodies and distinct vocals make this gorgeous collection of songs truly memorable." Out Of The Black album wins Best Album, SINGER-SONGWRITER - Nov 2013 Akademia Music Awards

"... lovely, meaningful, soulful..." - About the song Swollen

Radio host Bob Meyer - Radio Wey

"Warm, embracing and timeless, a solid debut indeed." - Out Of The Black album review

"Her album makes you feel warm and toasty inside" - Out Of The Black album review

"her debut album is a must"

“Open Your Eyes (Tiki Black’s Official Music Video to her fantastically crafted single) showcases the reason why this publication is in love with this artist’s music.”

“Black’s music speaks to a generation that needs a voice that knows their pain, joy, achievements, failures, and struggles. She sings from the heart, and Black’s music pours out her soul to her listeners.”

“Tiki Black, Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2009 Session I”

“There is obvious talent here...”


The Echo, Loughborough

“Open Your Eyes progresses with a haunting quality, exploiting a minimalist structure to great affect, giving it a power disproportionate to its quietude.”

“These are songs that tug at the heartstrings without ever giving the impression they were written purely to do so.”