Todd Tijerina Band / Press

“This raw, intimate sounding recording presents a phenomenal guitarist…His musical talent & song writing skills are Top Shelf throughout “Meant To Be” and his razor edged solos show his knowledge of the fret board!! This Bluesman deserves a Celebration of the highest mark”

Jabeaux, aka Jackie Gisclar - Electric Rooster Entertainment

"his music is distinctive...his guitar playing has as much power and expression as any guitarist I’ve heard in a short one minute solo....It’s just a matter of time before he gets a major label release."

Putnay Thomas - Blues On Stage

“My first impression on hearing Walk This Road, Tijerina’s fourth self released CD, was “wow, these guys are tough.” The comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughan are inevitable; but I would not say that Todd Tijerina (Tee-her EE-na) is a copy cat. Far from it. He takes the best elements and then brings things to the next level sonically and his song writing is top notch, too. The word that keeps coming to my mind is sophisticated. His solos, although fiery, don’t bash you over the head; they slither and slide at you. His playing isn’t just rock and pyrotechnics; but blues first and rock second...If you are a “guitars are king” kind of blues fan then you need a copy of Walk This Road sooner than later.”

“Tijerina’s technical prowess is glazed with a finesse that can mesmerize an audience into a state of spellbound awe. His inherent sense of the groove, however, is so strong and insistent that to sit unmoving through his performances is inconceivable.”

Rima Ralff - Tempo Magazine - Taos News

"[Tijerina's] newest release is a perfect example of how to take the old and mix in the new to get a feeling of something very special… From the opening instrumental you can tell you're in for a ride you won't forget."

The Promised Land Entertainment Magazine

“Reminiscent of an almost-Robert Cray vocal vibe and writing style, blended with a slight Stevie Ray guitar motif, Tijerina continues the long tradition that is the blues. The latest release, Meant to Be, has all the frills of a solid blues record.”

Chibo Acevedo - Marquee Magazine

“Tijerina is a master of vivid story telling though modern sound, and this energizing trio keeps the beat powerful and fresh.”

Diego Mulligan - Weekly Alibi

“One of the reasons that make this album [Meant To Be] so special is the freshness, the excitement and the grit that Tijerina infuses.”

David Steinberg - Albuquerque Journal

“Meant To Be…combines traditional blues sounds and themes with words of positivity and hope…The solos are classy, tasteful, and will not lead you wandering off the strong beat provided by Dave Heidt on bass, and Curly Castillo on drums. The songs are original, almost eclectic, while still maintaining integrity. The vocals compliment the mix, and the songs are easy to get into and sing along with. **** 4 star rating”