Tiho / Press

“sweet nectar for the heart and souled!!! from hilrant of pangae's people”

“Seemingly effortless cross-genre textural interplay and organic colourings of the most satisfying nature. Outstanding versatility. Highly distinctive and creative mastery. In a word - Excellence! With Best Wishes - Exile :)”

“Frozen Lake is a gorgeous, painterly piece! Great guitar music here. Frank Smith”

“Frozen Lake is hypnotic”

“IN THE STREAM is a real masterpiece Tiho, fantastic track.”


“tiho, you are a heck of an artist... i really dig "in the stream"... such a beautiful melody, and well played... the clarity and accuracy of your playing is matched only by your feel, and emotion... well done! your big fan, da boi d”

“If music was food, Tihomir's music would be that special treat you save as a reward to yourself. Scrumptious, at any time.”

“This is delicious music, Tiho. The tangible sound of fingers on string, coaxing such fluid lines whilst delivering those distinctive, percussive plucks and strums of yours, has gotta be one of the most satisfying aural treats here or anywhere else. Nourishment! Thank You and All the Best - Exile ;)”

Exile Pots - ReverbNation

“Tiho's music feels familiar when you hear it for the first time because it reaches into the depths of our souls and finds the comon urge that we all feel and recognize as the search for beauty... He finds it, and shares it. Thank you!”

“Tiho's musical genuis is why I LOVE ReverbNation! Music is meant to be shared. Get 'In The Stream" and flow away to etheral horizons...”