Tight Phantomz / Press

“There’s nothing too forced or gimmicky about Tight Phantomz’ music: rolling car-radio rock licks propel "Hash Sisters" and "Stranded", and the fatalistic party anthem "Dancing on the Freeway" pairs well with the breathy,broody "Sorry,Baby".”

MONICA KENDRICK - Chicago Reader

“The album reintroduced the anything can happen vibe of 70’s party rock to the Chicago music scene- much as Urge Overkill did in the 90’s.”

ANDY DOWNING - Chicago Tribune

“Chicago’s Tight Phantomz are making hot ’n’ sweaty 70’s rock cool again (as if it ever wasn’t!). Featuring former members (including leader Mike Lust) of the ever-effervescent Lustre King, Tight Phantomz seriously kick out the grimy jams”


“...stinging riffs, pounding drums, and vocals like a tumbledown Marc Bolan. "Hash Sisters" has a thumping cowbell and lyrics about teenage queens, "Stranded" crosses the legacies of Nazareth and the Sweet (complete with fizzy keyboards and high harmonies in the chorus)”


“Expertly captured at the bands own Phantom Manor studios in Chicago, Crazy When Wet has all the in-your-face presence of a live recording.”

EQ Magazine

“...the term "attitude" has been mis- and overused, stuffed with signification to the point of meaninglessness. And from the strut of their guitars to their singer’s mealy-mouthed phrasing, Tight Phantomz exude the coveted attribute with ease.”


“Unlike other bands that imitate their influences, Tight Phantomz uses influences as references and then plays beyond them. The bands comfort zone is dynamic instrumental rock, which, because the trio can play without wankery, is a pleasure zone for listeners.”

Punk Planet

“Mike Lust is one of the greatest live showmen on Earth. I once had his old band play in an apartment and he answered a ringing phone while playing and had a conversation in which he played a solo to the receiving end, coupled with his effortless guitar mastery are a thing to behold”


“Don’t let the ’z’ fool you, it’s straight-up, tear your face off rock that makes you want to punch babies and jump around like a baboon on angel dust.”

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