Tiger Mendoza / Press

"...what is likely to be one of the Oxford albums of the year in (The) Shadow..."

“Tiger Mendoza is the brain child of Oxford based guitarist and bedroom producer Ian de Quadros. Ian has been playing live with vocalist Helena Markou and guitarist Dan O'Driscoll. The trio recently supported DJ Shadow at the o2 Academy and have been getting a lot of hype locally. Aside from driving electronica tracks such as The New Scum, you should go check out their soundcloud for some ace nu soul deconstructions, my personal favourite is the Burial-esque rework of 90s soul classic No Diggity by Blackstreet.”

"...a rich, deep sound, with impressively detailed rhythms spidering their way across a set of strong, slick tunes...an impressively consistent and rich-sounding set of tracks that set out a solid base of skills and ideas."

"...industrial rock guitar and pulsating, laptop-driven electronica beats...

"...excellently programmed and whacked-out electronica..."

"...an unlikely collaboration between Tricky and Maria Carey..."