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"They combine things like hard rock/metal guitar licks, screaming vocals and intense, upbeat dance music to produce a cohesive sound that you can imagine killing it on a big stage or, better yet, after sundown at a festival with a tremendous light show. Seriously, I listen to this album and I see crowds of people dancing-it's just built for that kind of thing."

"It doesn't seem that Tigerface is attempting to be anything that they aren't, there doesn't seem to be any pretension here, just a group of guys that like to rock AND dance in equal measure. I'm not actually sure which is better , the dance pop backdrop or the vocal rock delivery, so I'll just enjoy both together."

"The recording of Paint the Sky is near perfect – not a understatement considering the band self-recorded and produced."

“Each song tells the story of an emotion, a feeling, a state of mind, and not only do the openers evoke an ongoing narrative, but the transitions are well managed as well; when the hammer drops, the rock lives up to the beginning, rather than clunking on clumsily as can happen with some bands.”

"If you haven't listened to Tigerface, now would be a great chance to hear a group of musicians that pour their soul out in their music, incorporate catchy anthems and beautiful and highly empowering songs. Tigerface takes the high road and let's their listeners engage in a story, actually a very clear message and storyline. Epic!!"

"Out of The Dark is a powerful, edgy E.P, which has given a breath of fresh air to a genre in danger of becoming stale. With this release Tigerface have shown that they are an intelligent and hungry young band, capable of creating something very interesting indeed."

"Out of The Dark includes tracks like Animal which almost haunts you with its lyrical depth and then possesses tracks like Run Right Now which is our personal favorite from the EP based on the beat alone. Tigerface’s EP Out Of The Dark is a must-have to add to your summer playlist."

"Check out their track “Run Right Now” below.  It's got a frenetic pace that matches the title, with lots of intangibles that really excites me for their up-coming album, Out of the Dark."

“Tigerface's music is a true amalgam of genres and styles, perfectly unified and engaging both lyrically and musically.”

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Alternative Press

"I like the overblown orchestration and slow-building, ambling starts to their songs. It keeps things fresh and varied, rather than employing those same jagged chords and played out riffs that made pop punk famous a decade ago."

"this six-song EP is pretty solid start to finish with some upbeat, epic-sounding alt/synth jams"

"Trying to pioneer a new genre is one of the biggest challenges a band can put itself up to. That’s precisely what the Phoenix duo Tigerface attempts to do on their latest EP"

"keep your eye on this band, especially if you are into the synthesizer."

"big, dramatic keyboards offset by the muscular chunkity-chunk of metallic guitar"

"we never saw Trent Reznor do a stage dive with an instrument to keep a song going, which is just what keyboardist Ari did when his synth stand fell forward into the audience."