Tiff Randol / Press

"Soulful songwriting with pop-driven vocal arrangements ... an enlightening, emotional catalog ... "Half a Second," integrates an orchestra of southern horns with her fiery voice. Fans of Feist and Gwen will be all over this in a few months."


“When checking out her page, "Half A Second" is a good place to start. It's reminiscent of an old soul record, maybe it's the vocal harmonies and classy horn stabs that slide in over that tambourine groove."”

Indaba Music

"Kiss Me Kiss Me" EP is a breathlessly intimate sketch on unconditional love that's drawn comparisons to June Carter, Kate Bush and the sun-drenched harmonies of Lennon and McCartney."

Matt Allen - MOJO Magazine

"Tiffany has an absolutely beautiful voice, it has a certain girlish fragility that balances out with the raw strength and energy she puts into her music."

Indaba Music

"That would be enough to impress us, but considering she's the one writing, producing, and engineering all of these beautifully arranged songs, consider us floored."

Indaba Music

"Watch out for this siren! Armed with a deliciously sweet voice tinged with just a hint of sass, Tiffany Randol has the power to lure you in."

Rebecca Swanner - Penthouse

"Randol warbles and vamps like Tammy Wynette hanging with Neko Case."

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"A surprising blend of soul and kooky vampishness ... Randol is a true individual."

The Deli Magazine