Tiff Jimber / Press

“Skin Me-A Radio Ready Hit! “Lead vocal of exceptional purity, tone and expression is accompanied by artful and delicate piano, with tasteful florishes of accordian, percussion and bass to build the cabaret mood. Wonderful ebb and flow, tension and power that increases nicely where appropriate, outstanding arrangement, top notch production, extremely well composed lyrics and melody, all serve to showcase that amazing voice. It's all there for a radio-ready hit.” Toronto, Ontario, Canada ”

Terry Hart - GarageBand

““This is a remarkably gifted and passionate piano player…Confidence and determination, along with terrific songwriting, is evidenced in each and every song, so much so that you are left wanting more when the set is over. Inspired by the likes of John Mayer (whom she bashfully admits to wanting to make out with), this young, exceptional singer-songwriter seems to have what it takes to succeed. “Ol’ Joanna” is a cool, groovy tune that will have audiences tapping their toes to the beat. The rhythm guitar is a nice complement to this song as it blends marvelously with the piano and Jimber’s voice. “Skin Me” is a beautiful, soulful yet sad and almost melancholy) song that brings the mood down a few notches- in a good way. This performer has stage presence and a deliciously exquisite voice. The music was a collection of contemporary, soulful piano with a hint of Dina Krall in the vocals. One word summed it up: fabulous.” ”

Tom Jordan - Music Connection Magazine

““….."Old Joanna" was written about Jimber's piano, "Not a lesbian lover as most assume", she joked. …….. took the intimate crowd for a ride: complete with captivating vocals, intense piano playing, and lyrics that read more like diary entries, Jimber delivers her lines with passion and wit…” ”

Alex Fusilier - The Clock-Plymouth State University

““ The piano and accordion player spoke…..about her obsession with Lady Gaga, having her boobs signed and, oh yeah her music, too.” ”

Rady Shemanski - Electric City/Diamond City Newspaper

““God, I love this! This song, “People Always Go, is brilliant. Within the first 5 seconds I was hooked. This is haunting. This is music I wish I'd have come up with. Great strong, standard chord changes. I like how it feels like it modulates outside the key and jumps right back in. Amazing chorus. I'll be whistling this for weeks. BRILLIANT!!! This needs to be in a movie.” FirebirdSuite- Farmington, Missouri ”


““The instrumental arrangement is wonderful….. The choice of the little accordion parts are the capping touch for me.” Constabulary -Seattle, Washington ”

Constablulary - GarageBand

"Say It" is a song that I would expect will catch the ears of TV and movie producers everywhere. I can safely say that the album has at least one track for everybody. Tiff Jimber has put together another wonderful album that I will enjoy for many years to come.

“She's Scrumptrulescent!”