Tiffany Kuenzi / Press

“Never before have we seen an artist affect a crowd in such a positive way, Tiffany Kuenzi was pure magic!”

Festival Chairman- Steven McDermott - The Hubbard Hop Festival

“Tiffany Kuenzi is a remarkable singer & very talented songwriter. Her performance continues to get better, and the crowd always grows! We're always happy to have her & her band play here!”

Owner, Glen Damewood - Macs Place Bar & Grill

“In my experience, the crowd's mood is depicted by the music. With Tiffany we had more people dancing and having a great time then I have ever seen before. We're crossing our fingers she'll com back next year!”

Entertainment Coordinator- Bill Hansen - The Hubbard Hop Festival

"Tiffany Kuenzi Receives Notable Indie Music Award Nomination" LOS ANGELES (March 30, 2012) – Although a new voice in country music, Tiffany Kuenzi is a stunning artist that is already establishing her place within the industry. After releasing her single, "Tonight," Tiffany has received a continued wave of support and praise for the track, gaining recognition as she steps into the spotlight. With her continued successes, Tiffany's acclaimed "Tonight" has now been nominated as "Best Country Song" for the Indie Music Awards in LA! Turning heads of industry reps and radio DJs from all over, Tiffany's breakout hit "Tonight" has received national airplay and given Tiffany numerous devoted fans. Now nominated for an Indie Music Award, "Tonight" is a heartfelt, moving tune with emotional depth and a beautiful melody, making it easy to play again and again. As a new artist, Tiffany success with "Tonight" is telling of her talent, dedication and potential to become a star

"Silverton singer/song writer to showcase talents in Vegas" In her most recently written and recorded song, "Tonight," Kuenzi did just that. The song has opened doors for her. It's the reason for "The Voice" audition and it's the reason she's been invited to an event that takes place during the American Country Music Awards show week at the end of this month called NashVegas Live! To read more click the link below

"Tonight has hit potential TODAY! Tiffany is a superstar of tomorrow for sure!" - B-Dub 98.7 KUPL Portland OR

D-Bub 98.7 KUPL Portland OR

“LOS ANGELES (January 20, 2011) – Every now and then, a singer comes along that is really fresh yet that feels familiar, interesting yet simply relatable, and moving without becoming sappy. A gem such as this is a rare and welcomed treat for the public, and rising country star Tiffany Kuenzi is just that singer. Tiffany has been snagging attention and causing a buzz within the industry with her soulful, authentic country tune, "Tonight," and it is now available on iTunes! Tiffany's ”Tonight” is a emotionally-infused country song with an unforgettable melody, carrying lyrics that pull the listener in. The song's playability has caused it to quickly climb charts and grab the attention of those in the industry, garnering praise such as that from The Radio Cafe radio show host Christopher Ewing: "I get thousands and thousands of song submissions for airplay, and this is one of the best songs I have gotten in weeks! [Tiffany's] got what it takes to make it."”

"Tiffany's music definitely has the confessional, pop-country sound that makes for hit records...we were thrilled ot have on 99.5 The Wolf's "Band Next Door" program, and look forward to playing her songs for a long time to come!" - Michele Michaels 99.5 KWJJ Portland OR

99.5 KWJJ Michele Michaels Portland OR

"Singer-songwriter Tiffany Kuenzi who hails from Oregon just finished an EP which was recorded with Nashville’s premier songwriters and producers. Her first self released single Tonight is receiving spins on Oregon’s country stations including KWJJ and KUPL. Tiffany Kuenzi is an artist to keep on the lookout for. For fans of Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, etc" - Kings of AR

"Tiffany is an OUTSTANDING artist with a passion to be a great role model for this generation. Her voice and songs are as good as ANYONE out there"

Award Winning Artist John DeGrazio

“Making a name: Tiffany Kuenzi’s ‘Tonight’ to be released on iTunes Tiffany Kuenzi has not slowed down since her whirlwind singing and songwriting career began in 2010. Kuenzi is heading into overdrive with an extended play record being released in the spring of 2012 that includes a song she penned, Tonight. The song is currently going viral on social media sites, with “likes” coming in from around the globe. Her manager is predicting it will be a major hit. In New York, Kuenzi worked with a manager in the music industry whose clients include Dolly Parton. Then she was invited to Nashville to work with industry stalwarts from musicians to songwriters. One, Liz Rose, has co-written some of Taylor Swift’s hits such as You Belong with Me. Keith Follese, who has produced and co-written songs for Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum and Lonestar, is another supporter. Kuenzi will return to Nashville this year to work with other country music industry veterans.”

“Tiffany, I have to say something, and I truly mean this... when I listened to your newest song “Tonight”, I had to listen to it 3 more times in a row because I couldn't stop playing it! I'm so proud of you! You've got an awesome voice and you did a great job with this song! I get thousands and thousands of song submissions (currently over 20,000 songs) for airplay, and this is one of the best songs I have gotten in weeks! Keep it up, girl! You’ve got what it takes to make it, for sure!! ”

- Christopher Ewing, President/Founder of Indie Music Channel and Host of “The

"Three words come to mind immediately.. -Passion -Fire -Attitude Love it! Not To Be You and Hate This Town are like knuckle punches upside the head! Totally bad-A. You are our kind of people. Great vocal too. It's sweet, but not the same-old, same-old. It's too bad that you're 3,000 miles away. We'd love to share shows with you!"

The Roadhouse Clams- Reverbnations #1 Country Artist for Centreville MD

"Listening to "Tonight" I am in love with your voice!!!"

Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr- Reverbnations #1 Jazz Artist for Ellenwood GA

“Whirlwind of possibility: Tiffany Kuenzi’s talent leads to opportunities By Dixon Bledsoe Until recently, Mike Meuret had no idea how talented his 24-year-old daughter, Tiffany Kuenzi, was as an actress, singer and comedian. He went with his daughter to Florida in January where she competed in the Actors, Models and Talent for Christ competition (AMTC). More than 12,000 would-be stars from the United States and South Africa were whittled down to 866 who competed in Orlando. She was the runner-up for the best overall actor and won the Crystal Award in the competition. To read more please go to the link”


CD Rocks Band- Reverbnations Rock band from St. Helens CA

"I listened to all of your songs on here you definatly have super star potential great music!!"

DJ Punisher- Reverbnations Hip Hop Artist from Chicago IL

“Since January, when Kuenzi became a finalist at the national Actors Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC) competition, the 24-year-old has received a scholarship to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and is in talks with a major record label. “If you would have asked me last year around this time, I would never in my life have foreseen any of this,” she said. Because her $1,500 scholarship won’t pay full tuition, Kuenzi is working on raising money by selling CDs for $10 and also holding a fundraiser on April 2. The fundraiser will be at Seven Brides Brewing in Silverton from 7 to 9 p.m. Tickets are $15 and include beer or wine and an appetizer. Kuenzi and her band, which includes her brother and her producer, will perform for the first half of the evening, followed by a karaoke contest with prizes for male and female first prize winners. Continue article by following the link ”

"Truly original approach to melody..your courage will carry you far!"

Dave Younger- Reverbnations #1 Country Artist for Pine Grove CA

“The ladies at Coffee Creek loved Tiffany Kuenzi's show! They loved the style of music as well as the banter, and really enjoyed the fact that Tiffany came out to the crowd & danced! It made them feel like they were a part of the show. Tiffany Kuenzi and her band are always welcome at Coffee Creek!”

Chris Randall - Coffee Creek

“The Woodburn Summer Nights Concert Series featuring Tiffany Kuenzi on Aug 7th 2012 was the hottest selling ticket in town when it came to selling sponsorships! This series survives on sponsorship dollars to support it and keeps tickets free of charge for the public. When City Staff went to local businesses, we actually had them fighting over Tiffany Kuenzi's concert. She is wildly popular and we look forward to a big crowd!”

Stu Spence - Direct quote from Stu Spence- Recreation Services Manager