Tiffany Jane / Press

"When the rare perfect storm comes together, combining a really talented jazz vocalist, a combo of smooth, accomplished players, and a collection of ear-catching material, the results can be magical. Voilà, Discovery, the new album by Tiffany Jane and the Kicks, a masterful and refreshing album that hits on all soul cylinders, finds room for some funk, and gives Jane’s wonderful set of pipes free rein to shine." -San Diego Troubadour

“Clients ask all the time - send something new and give us a "wow" factor..not always easy, but Tiffany Jane and the Kicks are that and more. This true original will wow my clients with her amazing and soulful vocals and insightful lyrics and music, along with some kick ass covers. I can't wait to share Tiffany Jane and the Kicks with my corporate and social clients - they are going to be "wowed" by her.”

Peggy Jewell

"Small package, powerhouse vocals." I add: "An uncanny ability to bring meaning to any musical text, and to deliver up the many genres she is able to cover in a way that makes one wonder how it can all derive from that one, small package."

Anthony Bollotta

"Last night at Anthology I was treated to an extraordinary performance by a young singer who thrilled me with her soul and skill. I was extremely impressed by the range, the depth, the soulfulness and the expertise of Tiffany Jane. I remember this woman when she was a kid. She has now become a superb singer with a voice that has power and depth and soul beyond her years. Brava to you Tiffany. You have reached a level of great skill and artistry." -Sam Woodhouse (Artistic Director at the San Diego Rep. Theater)

Sam Woodhouse